A Floating Forest Will Add Instant Greenery to Rotterdam’s Harbour

Like oversized fishing bobbers used as flower vases, these 20 trees planted in colourful buoys are designed to add whimsy and nature to Rotterdam’s industrial waterfront. The installation, named Dobberend Bos, or “bobbing forest” in Dutch, will be released into the city’s harbour in March. Read More >>

Google Maps Keeps Trying to Hide South Downs National Park

Google is waging a war on the South Downs National Park, according to managers of the hilly bit of southern England, with the rural spot apparently continually disappearing from Google Maps -- leaving potential visitors with no option but to go to towns and eat sweets in darkened cinemas. Read More >>

These Parks Are Reclaiming Ugly Urban Underpasses as Public Space

Manhattan’s rails-to-trails High Line sparked a global trend of turning old transit infrastructure into parks. But a new breed of public spaces aren’t waiting for the transportation around them to stop running—they’re transforming the ground below the still-active elevated tracks. Read More >>

Watch How Designers Re-engineered an Island to Make a Park in New York City

Parks aren’t always built just so we can enjoy the trees. On Governor’s Island in New York City, a truly unique public space will bring nature back to a former military base–and it’s engineered to withstand the catastrophic storms that climate change will bring. It’s called The Hills, and in this documentary, we talk to one of its principle designers. Read More >>

The Experimental Jungle Room Where NYC’s Underground Park Is Taking Root 

When you walk into the Lowline Lab, the first thing you taste is oxygen. The Lab is hidden in an old warehouse, two blocks away from where the Lowline, a proposed underground park, is slated to open in 2020. The Lab is its prototype–part testing ground and part public sneak peek at the paradise that may one day grow under Manhattan’s streets. Read More >>

Why the London Garden Bridge is Inspiring So Much Outrage

It doesn’t take much to make some cities angry. But in London, a special kind of rage is flowing over a project that seems pretty unobjectionable: A footbridge over the River Thames. And the tension isn’t confined to London. Read More >>

Some Billionaires Want to Give NYC a £109 Million Floating Park

Last month, Mayor De Blasio announced a push to fund green spaces in New York's poor neighbourhoods. This probably isn't exactly what he meant: Very wealthy power couple Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg have announced plans to fund a giant park in the Hudson River. Read More >>

A Plan to Turn Your Multi-Storey Car Park Into Your Local Playground

Multi-storey car parks may be a necessity for any dense urban centre, but that doesn't mean they have to be a necessary eyesore. And if Danish firm JAJA Architects has its way, they could even be serving a dual-purpose soon—by doubling as our leafy, local playgrounds. Read More >>

Would You Pay a Subscription to Visit Your Favourite Public Park?

Sheffield's Heeley Park is thinking about asking regular users for a contribution to its running costs, suggesting that a £10 annual fee might be a good way to help pay to keep green spaces maintained in the future. But is it? Or would it mean we'd all spend longer than ever indoors welded to various screens? Read More >>

Turn Our (Surprisingly) Green London into a National Park City, Say Environmentalists

An independent lobbying group has come up with the idea of turning London into a National Park City, creating a new category of space that would "improve biodiversity, recreation, health, planning and design" across the city. Read More >>

Eerie Abandoned Railway Could Become Philidelphia’s Next Park

When the Reading Viaduct opened in 1893, Philadelphia was a booming industrial city; the elevated railway quickly became an essential artery in the beating heart of manufacturing on the East Coast. Now, advocates want to turn it into a park that will wind its way through the city. Read More >>

Moscow Unveils a Scheme to Build Its First New Park In 50 Years

Moscow has chosen a design for its first new public park in half a century. Zaryadye Park will sit on a 13-acre site that's been host to some colourful history: The homes of 16th century aristocrats, 18th century peasants, a Stalin-ordered redevelopment, a failed plan to build the city's tallest skyscraper, and finally, the world's largest hotel—demolished in 2006. Read More >>

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Don’t Forget How Beautiful the World Is

Living in cities, driving on car-congested roads, going to work, sitting in cubicles, shopping at supermarkets, surrounding yourself in urban density and all around stepping away from nature makes it easy to forget how beautiful she can be. We should never forget. Read More >>

You Can Sit in This Pond Without Getting Wet

This picture was taken in a park in Vöcklabruck, Austria that you might want to go to right now. You can actually sit in the middle of the pond, thanks to a sunken spot where you can hang out without getting soaked. Read More >>

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What Playing in a Dog Park Looks Like from a Dog’s Point of View (Hint: Awesome)

I've always wondered what the world looks like from a dog's point of view. After watching this video, now I know. Kelsey Wynn outfitted his Great Dane, Bishop, with a GoPro and took him to the dog park to play. You get to see everything Bishop's see and it looks so freaking fun. Read More >>