Big Ben is Taking a Four Year Nap

It's no secret that Parliament is in dire need of serious renovation, and it turns out that getting everything fixed is going to affect more than just the working location of a few out of touch MPs. It's been announced that Big Ben will be taking a four year rest, with the last bong taking place next Monday at noon. Read More >>

Lord Foster Plans Temporary Parliamentary Dome for Westminster Repair Break

When or if they ever get around to stumping up the billions needed to shore up the Palace of Westminster, celebrated architect Sir Norman Foster has an idea about what to do with all the MPS. He suggests decanting the lot to a temporary glass dome built just down the road on Horse Guards Parade. Read More >>

pokemon go
Pokemon Go: How Britain’s Parliament, Museums and Transport Responded To The Madness

Today marks a year to the day since Pokémon Go took the world by storm. Initially restricted to Americans, British trainers spent the first week installing workarounds to get their hands on the game. Read More >>

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You Can Now Tour The Houses Of Parliament From Your Sofa

If you've always fancied having a leisurely look around the corridors of power without having to change out of your pyjamas or, you know, move, you'll love parliament's new innovation. Read More >>

Parliament Must Get the Builders in ASAP to Avoid Collapse

That pointy building in London full of people pretending to know what we want is it danger of imminent collapse according to governmental money men, who say that our MPs need to be relocated to do their guffawing elsewhere so that the rotting carcass of democracy can be rebuilt. And it'll only cost around £4bn to do so. Read More >>

Tech Giants are ‘Consciously Failing’ on Terrorism, Says Parliament

Parliament has spoken out against Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for "consciously failing" to remove terrorist recruitment content, despite the fact all three companies have denied any lax attitude to such content. Read More >>

Here’s the Hilary Benn Syria Speech Transcript in Full

Following an intense, highly charged day of debate, Parliament last night voted in favour of bombing Syria, with the first air strikes against so-called Islamic State (IS), widely referred to as Daesh in the parliamentary talks, taking place around an hour after the results came in. '#SyriaVote' has dominated the UK's top Twitter trends over the course of the week, with the British Twitter public largely opposed to the politicians’ decision. Read More >>

Renovating Parliament Could Take 40 Years Unless Government Shifts to a Portakabin

The latest report into what/how/when to do/fix/bodge the substantial repairs needed by the houses of parliament and their Palace of Westminster home says the work could take a staggering, Sagrada Família-like 40 years to complete, unless it's completely shut for the works. Read More >>

Man ‘Kidnapped’ at Queen’s State Opening of Parliament

Some men in tights and wigs are gathering at a posh building in London to coordinate the State Opening of Parliament, a bizarre ceremony that involves a man being pretend-kidnapped to ensure the Queen's safe return. Read More >>

MP Warns Parliament May be Abandoned if £3bn Repair Budget isn’t Found

The Commons Speaker John Bercow has warned that MPs face the prospect of leaving the Houses of Parliament and never coming back, unless the estimated £3bn needed to shore up the building is found pretty quickly. Read More >>

The Palace of Westminster is Falling Down, Falling Down, Falling Down…

Parts of our governmental pleasuredome are in such a poor state of repair that the stonework can be crumbled to pieces by hand, with some suggesting £3bn of repair work is needed to stop Parliament caving in and crushing the gravy-trainers inside. Heaven forbid. Read More >>

David Cameron Shamed Over Expenses Claim for 26p Tags and 38p Staple Remover

Powerful posho David Cameron's latest batch of MP expense claims have been published and scrutinised, revealing that the prime minister reclaimed a ludicrous 7p from the taxpayer to pay for a bulldog clip used to hold together files at his constituency office. Read More >>

Can You (or the UK Parliament) Find Damascus?

A clever little internet challenge is testing the geographical knowledge of people around the world, asking the masses if they can find the location of political hot potato and Syrian capital Damascus. Many failed, including one guess from someone using the Houses of Parliament proxy servers who was miles off. Read More >>

Parliament Gives Google Another Tax-Related Rodgering

Google's suffering a bit of an 'out of the frying pan into the politician's lap' moment. Having recently been accused of being tax cheats, Google's now apparently a liar as well. Awkward. Apparently, one of the cornerstones in Google's tax argument was that it doesn't have any salespeople in the UK, something job advertisements seem to disagree with. [Reuters] Read More >>

David Cameron Denies Personal Nuke Control iPad App, Or Any Other Personal App For That Matter

Our dear Prime Minister, David Cameron, loves his iPad apparently. So much so that a government control app has reportedly been developed for keeping an eye on the country from a tablet; it’s just not one that’ll allow him to control our Trident nuclear defence system, or do any other PM-specific duties he has to perform. Read More >>