Candy Crush Developer Says 9.2 Million Users Play at Least 3 Hours a Day, But It’s Totally Not Addictive

Alex Dale, a senior executive at Candy Crush Saga developer King, told a House of Commons select committee that approximately 3.4 per cent, or 9.2 million users, spend “three or more hours a day” playing the game, and that one player spent an astonishing £2,000 on microtransactions within the app in a 24-hour period last year, but steadfastly denied that some people are addicted to it, according to the Guardian. Read More >>

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Children’s Commissioner Thinks Social Media Companies Can See Inside Black Holes

What kind of mixed-up word are we living in when we can create driverless cars, make AI that can whoop humans' butts in video games, and peer into the abyss of a black hole, but can't roll out a reliable age verification tool to use on websites, says the Children's Commissioner Anne Longfield. As far as I was aware, we only just got our first actual glimpse at a black hole last month which looked like the eye of Sauron was suffering from a bit of hay fever. But we can see inside them now apparently. What a world we live in. Read More >>

The EU is Set to Create One of Earth’s Biggest Biometric Databases

The European Parliament has voted by a significant margin to streamline its systems for managing everything from travel to border security by amassing an enormous information database that will include biometric data and facial images – an issue that has raised significant alarm among privacy advocates. Read More >>

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MPs Call For Social Media To Be Regulated

A committee of MPs has been looking into the upsides and downsides of social media for kids and teens, and the unsurprising conclusion is that it needs much more oversight. Read More >>

MPs Get Passive Aggressive by Leaving an Empty Seat for Mark Zuckerberg at Fake News Inquiry

It is no secret that Facebook is getting all sorts of shit from governments about its attitude to privacy and how it's supposed to be tackling the spread of fake news. Our own government has repeatedly asked Mark Zuckerberg to show up, even getting some other governments in on the action, but to no avail. Now they're getting very British about the whole thing, by passive aggressively assigning the Facebook chairman his own seat. Read More >>

Want a Second EU Referendum? Show Up to the People’s Vote March

Tomorrow is the People's Vote rally in Central London, and it's so important that even MPs are urging people to attend. Read More >>

MPs Are Going To Interrogate A Robot, And It’s Not Theresa May

MPs have invited a robot into Parliament to tell them about the impact of AI on education and the workforce. Read More >>

MPs Vote to Leave Parliament for Refurb Works

After years of wrangling over what to do about fixing up the Palace of Westminster and all of its damp patches, wonky staircases and assorted legacy fire hazards, a decision has been made. The government will move out so the place can be renovated in a slightly easier fashion. Read More >>

MPs Can’t Stop Trying to Watch Porn at Work

If you paid attention to British politics last year, you'll know all about Damian Green and the accusations that he'd been watching porn at work. Accusations that led to his eventual resignation from the cabinet. Then the new university-watchdog Toby Young drew controversy from an article where he claimed to be a 'porn addict'. Well it looks like those two aren't the only porn-lovers in the government. Read More >>

Big Ben is Taking a Four Year Nap

It's no secret that Parliament is in dire need of serious renovation, and it turns out that getting everything fixed is going to affect more than just the working location of a few out of touch MPs. It's been announced that Big Ben will be taking a four year rest, with the last bong taking place next Monday at noon. Read More >>

Lord Foster Plans Temporary Parliamentary Dome for Westminster Repair Break

When or if they ever get around to stumping up the billions needed to shore up the Palace of Westminster, celebrated architect Sir Norman Foster has an idea about what to do with all the MPS. He suggests decanting the lot to a temporary glass dome built just down the road on Horse Guards Parade. Read More >>

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Pokemon Go: How Britain’s Parliament, Museums and Transport Responded To The Madness

Today marks a year to the day since Pokémon Go took the world by storm. Initially restricted to Americans, British trainers spent the first week installing workarounds to get their hands on the game. Read More >>

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You Can Now Tour The Houses Of Parliament From Your Sofa

If you've always fancied having a leisurely look around the corridors of power without having to change out of your pyjamas or, you know, move, you'll love parliament's new innovation. Read More >>

Parliament Must Get the Builders in ASAP to Avoid Collapse

That pointy building in London full of people pretending to know what we want is it danger of imminent collapse according to governmental money men, who say that our MPs need to be relocated to do their guffawing elsewhere so that the rotting carcass of democracy can be rebuilt. And it'll only cost around £4bn to do so. Read More >>

Tech Giants are ‘Consciously Failing’ on Terrorism, Says Parliament

Parliament has spoken out against Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for "consciously failing" to remove terrorist recruitment content, despite the fact all three companies have denied any lax attitude to such content. Read More >>