Parrot’s New Foldable Drone Can Nail Some Crazy Shooting Angles

Yesterday, drone manufacturer Parrot announced the newest addition to its quadcopter family. The new model, the £630 Anafi, is seemingly Parrot’s answer to the folding DJI Mavic Air. It’s small, shoots 4K HDR video, and and can do a few cool tricks with its gimbal-mounted camera. But when it comes to additional features, it doesn’t really do much to threaten the entrenched competition. Read More >>

Parrot Disco Hands-On Review: The Drone That Gives Beginners Wings

"Look up in the sky. It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's the most cliché-driven introduction to a drone story that you have ever heard!" Forgive me for summoning the hackneyed phrasing, but it was that famous Superman line that flashed across my mind as I witnessed Parrot's new Disco drone gliding through the Californian skies, my neck craned to see the fixed-wing craft in full flight set across the solid, baking hot blue expanse above. Read More >>

Parrot’s New Fix-Wing Drone is 50 MPH Party in the Sky

The consumer drone explosion of the last few years has been mostly limited to quadcopter-style multirotors. Until now, that is: meet the Disco, Parrot’s super-fast drone party in the sky. Read More >>

Parrot Isn’t Actually Going to Sell its Fantastic Dual-Mode Dash System

Parrot’s RNB6 promised an in-dash system that would work with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It promised a Utopia of car tech that would make any smartphone compatible with basically any car. And it still promises all those things, but only if you buy a new vehicle. Read More >>

Parrot Minidrone Hands On: Holy Shit, I Love This Hydrofoil Drone 

In the grand ranking of remote-controlled vehicles, the only thing better than a remote controlled plane is a remote-controlled boat. At least, that’s what I used to think. After playing with Parrot’s new generation of Minidrones, I realise that a remote controlled hydrofoil is the true champion of RC anything. Read More >>

Parrot Bebop Drone and Skycontroller Review: Looks Aren’t Everything

You’ve graduated from your cheap beginner drone, you know how to fly, and you want to try something new. Something that can shoot beautiful video from the sky — but doesn’t cost four figures – like a camera-equipped DJI Phantom. You spot the £429 Parrot Bebop Drone, and pull the trigger. It’s kind of fun, you think, between strings of obscenities. Read More >>

Parrot’s New Gadgets Take Care of Your Plants Automatically

Makers of all things various, Parrot, is ramping up its line of plant-care gadgets with two new products, which will be released later this year: Parrot Pot and Parrot H2O. They'll take care of your plants for weeks on end so you don't have to. Read More >>

Parrot Zik Sport: Maybe the Smartest Athletic Headphones Yet

Parrot's Zik 2.0 headphones are impressive. With the Zik Sport, Parrot has crammed all of its power into a a small package. They're down to 70 grams from 270 grams, plus now they're sweatproof and ergonomically designed for your run. That in itself is brilliant, but Parrot has also loaded the headphones with a battery of biometric tracking features targeted directly at the athlete. Read More >>

Parrot’s New In-Dash System Lets Your Car Love Android and Apple Alike

While Apple CarPlay and Android Auto promise to make your car's in-dash system infinitely more bearable in the not so distant future, you're still stuck in the unfortunate position of having to choose between one or the other. Not so Parrot's whimsically named RNB6, which lets you go both ways. Oh, and it has a dash cam built right in. Read More >>

Parrot Bebop Hands On: A Versatile Drone That’s Just Shy of Pro

Earlier this year, we got a peek at Parrot's svelte new Bebop drone. And earlier today, I got to fly it. I crashed it immediately — you probably will too — but that's totally fine. It'll survive, and flying it is still great fun. Read More >>

Parrot Zik 2.0 Hands On: The World’s Most Advanced Headphones? Maybe.

The first time I tried the Parrot Zik headphones, my jaw dropped. The world around me disappeared. I felt like I was right there in the sound studio with the artist. So you can imagine my excitement to try the updated Zik 2.0. Read More >>

Parrot’s New Bebop Drone Wants to be Your Eyes in the Skies

Parrot's newest civilian drone acts as a personal aerial surveillance system. The skies above us could soon be swarming with helpful robo-fliers -- albeit for only 12 minutes at a time. Read More >>

Parrot’s New Drones Fly the Mini Skies and Bite Your Ankles

Parrot's AR Drone 2.0 won a place in our hearts for flying high yet being easily controllable from our favourite iOS and Android devices. The company's just taken that concept and then miniaturised it, with the Parrot MiniDrone and the Jumping Sumo. Read More >>