Scientists Study Headbanging Parrot to Learn Why Music Makes Us Dance

Snowball the dancing parrot doesn’t just bob his head when he hears music. He headbangs. He headbangs with a lifted foot. He vogues. Read More >>

Scientists Observe Freaky Parrot Ritual, Call It Contagious Laughter

Birds are incredible, beautiful creatures from afar. They have lots of colours, they have beaks, they can fly, and all that other neat birdy stuff. Up close, they are horrible, smelly dinosaurs with sharp claws who squawk and could attack at any moment. Read More >>

Scientists Shoot Lasers at Bird in Goggles to Unravel the Mysteries of Flight

Even when unlocking the very secrets of the universe, one must always put safety first. That’s why researchers at Stanford University 3D-printed a pair of tiny safety goggles before teaching a parrot to fly through lasers. Read More >>

Park Attacker “Startled” by Brave Attack Parrot

A woman who was attacked in a London park was apparently saved by her pet parrot, with the selfless bird "squawking" and "flapping" at the attacker until he quite rightly got a bit confused about what reality he was in and ran away. Read More >>

This Amazing Parrot Can Actually Pick a Lock

Pirates usually come to mind rather than master thieves when we're talking parrots, but this clever bird could break into your house. It's capable of figuring out how a lock works to then pick it -- no human intervention needed. Read More >>