Here’s a Leaked ‘Space Grey’ Version of the Next Full-Sized iPad

We've already seen a possible 'Space Grey' version of the upcoming iPad Mini 2 floating around and now it's time for the big brother version to get covered in grey steel too. This grey is different than the usual silver seen on full-sized iPads mind you and if real, it would match up colour-wise with the 'Space Grey' iPhone 5S (which isn't quite black). Read More >>

Leaked iPad Mini 2 Casing Shows a Possible ‘Space Grey’ Version

So with the iPhone 5S, Apple introduced a new 'Space Grey' color that is its new black. Not in that tired fashionista way where trends are considered the new black but in a completely literal way in that Apple is calling its black 'Space Grey'. So maybe it's not surprising that a supposedly leaked iPad Mini 2 casing shows that it's also doused in 'Space Grey'. Read More >>

There’ll Be Some Sort of Spaceship In GTA V

We've seen all the crazy stuff you'll be able to do in GTA Online, as well as GTA V, but I've yet to see any mention of a UFO. However, according to the leaked achievements for GTA, Rockstar's apparently hidden at least the parts for one in there somewhere. Are we going to be blasting into space? Read More >>

Here’s the New iPhone 5S on the Production Line, Apparently

It seems Apple's leaking like a sieve right now, or at least its Chinese manufacturers are. After photos of the back of the thing, its lozenge-shaped flash, and even a prototype made their way onto the internet, here's a supposed spy shot of iPhone 5S parts flying down the assembly line. Read More >>

Chinese Apple Scammers Swap Fake iPhone Parts for the Real Deal

A very ingenious new kind of high-tech scam has been going down in China, where clever thieves are returning fake iPhone components to Apple and claiming they're broken official parts, receiving genuine Apple-made pieces in return. And making a nice profit in the process. Read More >>

The Most Grotesque Fanless CPU Cooler I’ve Ever Seen

Official description: "The Zalman CNPS FX100-Cube is fanless and noiseless CPU cooler, which does not draw dust or generate vibration due to its passive operation." Unofficial description: LOOK AT THIS FREAKING MONSTER HEATSINK! Read More >>

Alleged iPhone 5 Internals Get Splayed Wide Open For Your Gadget-Porn Amusement

The iPhone 5 leaks out of China are running thick and fast. What we're apparently looking at here, is a whole bunch of internal parts destined to be fitted into Apple's next generation iPhone. Leaking like a sieve, there, Apple? Read More >>

How to Build the Best Lego X-Wing Ever

Rejoice, fellow Lego nerds, because Mike Psiaki just sent me the instructions and a part list for the best Lego X-Wing model ever created. Yes, my friends, now you can build your own. Read More >>