Chinese Tech Giant’s Office Party Featured Humiliating Simulated Blowjobs 

Tencent, the Chinese tech behemoth, sparked outrage this week when a video from its year-end party leaked online. The video shows employees participating in an incredibly sexist office game. Read More >>

Scientists Discover What Your Brain Looks Like When You’re on Weed

Have you ever hit the blunt and start trying to figure out how getting high even works? How does anything work, really? Electricity? Computers? There are infinite mysteries to life, but some dank scientists are trying to figure out one of life’s most important questions—what does your brain look like when you get high? Read More >>

The Piggyback Driver Helmet Is a Great Reason to Put Off Having Kids

They say parents will do anything for their kids, but surely there has to be a line that gets drawn somewhere after dressing up like Santa, but before having to wear this Piggyback Driver helmet. It lets kids steer where they want mum or dad to go while getting a piggyback ride, but shouldn’t kids just be happy they don’t have to walk? Read More >>

That Syria / Ayia Napa Party Boat Mix Up is Fake

A bunch of lads with beer bellies, brightly-coloured shorts and arm tats have pulled off quite the ruse, tricking a number of publications into reporting that they’d ended up in Syria after getting pissed up in Ayia Napa and mistakenly catching a boat to the war-torn country. Read More >>

Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Just Went Digital

Mark Rober has been wowing us for three of years now with his innovative, high-tech Halloween costumes. In fact, he got so good at it that he quit his job at NASA to devote himself to "Digital Dudz" full-time. Now he's applied the cyber-clothing concept to the perennial holiday favourite, the ugly Christmas sweater, and oh man, it's kind of awesome. Read More >>

10 Reasons to Wish You Had an Endless Supply of Liquid Nitrogen

In a perfect world, all taps have three knobs: hot, cold, and liquid nitrogen. We're not there (yet!) but these ten little party tricks from The King of Random are the perfect reason to wish we were. Read More >>

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This Is the First Arrest Captured By Google Glass

While most of America was off partying for their 4th of July celebrations, some idiot decided to start a fight and get arrested. Nothing unusual there, but it just so happened a Glass-equipped documentary filmmaker was standing by. He recorded the whole thing, which shows what the future is going to be like. There will be no escape from the camera, ever. Read More >>

If Going to a Party Was Like Playing a Video Game

Let's face it, for some gamers, going to a party is harder than playing a video game. And for partiers, playing video games is harder than partying. So what if we combined the two worlds and made a video game just for partying? It'd be a lot tougher than you think. Balancing getting drunk, meeting people, hanging with your friends, finding someone to hook up with and having a good time... without making mistakes. Read More >>

Haven’t You Got the Message Yet? Don’t Advertise Your Bloody Parties on Facebook

Look, we'll say this one more time, and one more time only: if you're having a shindig to celebrate the passing of another year, don't put all the details on Facebook. It'll only end badly for everyone involved --  like it did for this revelling idiot. Read More >>

Starred Commenters, Come Party With Us (and Intel) This Thursday

Intel's teamed up with the design duo Hellicar and Lewis for a big interactive installation which is being unveiled this Thursday night at a particularly trendy venue in London's Soho. I'll be there, and want 10 starred commenters to join me. Keen? Jump below for the deets on how to win one of 10 pairs of tickets. Read More >>

This Is Why You Should Never Invite New Batman to Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Christopher Nolan’s re-envisioning of Batman seriously kicks arse for all of us adult superhero lovers, but for kids? Perhaps the old, spandex-clad Batman was better. More kapow, bam and crash, than "where are the drugs!" Read More >>

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The Punch That Gets Your Whole Party Shitfaced

You were dancing on tables until 4am, and now you've finally wrenched yourself from your deathbed, you feel like shit. Hair of the dog, anyone? Here's something that's guaranteed to be successful. Read More >>