Android R Will Have Support for ID Cards Built In

Over the past few years mobile companies have been trying to do away with the wallet, letting you use your phone as a credit card, loyalty card, and other stuff like that. But the wallet is still around, mainly because the phone can't do anything. Naturally, though, they're working on that, and it's just been confirmed that the upcoming Android R will support digital IDs. Read More >>

Former Passport Printer Axes 170 Jobs

De La Rue's print factory in Gateshead is performing what it might like us to refer to as a streamlining operation, with 170 jobs about to be lost in a streamline straight to redundancy. De La Rue is best known as the company that used to print our passports, until the government bizarrely handed that job to an overseas provider, because some old people wanted them a colour they imagined to be better. Read More >>

It’s Going to Get More Expensive to Get Yourself a Passport

As if the poor state of the pound was bad enough, the home office has announced it plans to increase the costs associated with the right to leave the country. The cost of getting yourself a passport is set to rise by as much as 17 per cent, though the people who apply online won't be forced to fork over as much money. Read More >>

Brits Flock to Sealand to Escape Tarnished Mainland

The extremely small and mostly concrete principality of Sealand is experiencing a surge in popularity, as UK citizens not keen on retaining a British passport regardless of its future colour are attempting to switch nationalities. Read More >>

Papers for Prescriptions, Please

The NHS may soon require one or two forms of ID to be shown before receiving some kinds of treatments, as part of moves that want to help our healthcare trusts reclaim the costs of treatment given to overseas visitors. Read More >>

Home Office Hoping a Passport Colour Change Gets Kids Excited About Brexit

Yesterday we had EU travel visas, today it’s passports. The Home Office has suggested that the colour of British passports could change as a consequence of the decision to leave the EU, with blue potentially set to make a comeback. Read More >>

British Citizens May Soon Need a £50 Visa to Travel to Europe

Ah, balls. Brexit, the gift that keeps on giving, means that Brits may soon have to apply for and purchase a travel visa in order to go on holiday in Europe. Read More >>

Wrong Kind of Sun Breaks Stansted’s Biometric Passport Readers

The setting sun has been blamed for passenger delays at Stansted airport, as the cameras attached to biometric passport readers in one particular hall are failing to take photos properly due to... it being the summer. Read More >>

UK Residents Turn Irish Ahead of Brexit Vote

Irish authorities say they're receiving an "unprecedented" number of requests for passports, as some UK residents look to rebrand themselves as Irish ahead of the possibly calamitous result of the EU referendum. Read More >>

Passport Markings Turn Unfortunate Man Into Hitler

Creepy, podgy, skinny, ugly, Adolf Hitler. This is not an odd-one-out list. Stuart Boyd, a distinctly normal-looking person from Salford, had a rather unpleasant surprise after renewing his passport last month. Read More >>

Flying to the US? You Need an e-Passport to Get in the Country

An extremely important change to US visa requirements came into effect at the beginning of last month, and it turns out that many holidaymakers -- myself included -- didn’t have a clue. As of April 1st, you’re not allowed to travel to the Land of Trump and... Glory if you don’t own an e-passport. Read More >>

Passports to be Digitalised and Embedded in Smartphones

Passport manufacturer De La Rue has revealed that it’s hoping to create digital passports that can be stored on smartphones. The company envisions a future in which travellers won’t need to carry any paper documents through airports with them, and that sounds pretty good to us. Read More >>

International Air Travel Will Be Fun Again in the Near Future

Being abroad, far from home in strange new places, is inherently thrilling but it often requires coping with an interminable, soul-sucking flight to get there. But things are looking good for the future of air travel, so tray tables up please and prepare for take-off. Read More >>

Designers of New UK Passport Shrug Off Accusations of Sexism

The new design for the British passport has been revealed, and people are already complaining about it. The revamped burgundy book, which will start rolling out from next month, features famous British landmarks and figures, though only two of them -- mathematician Ada Lovelace and architect Elisabeth Scott -- are female. By contrast, seven men have made the cut. Read More >>