MPs Passwords Put up for Sale by Hackers

A stash of email addresses and passwords offered for sale by a Russian hacking crew appears to contain quite a few juicy ones belonging to our power mongers, with the details of some MPs and cabinet ministers popping up in the haul. Read More >>

Workplace App Scrambles to Rescue Users Who Foolishly Used Its Service to Store Passwords

Although storing passwords in plaintext anywhere online is fundamentally the opposite of security, routine data breaches at some of the world’s biggest companies haven’t dissuaded some users from engaging in this obviously terrible practice. Read More >>

Fujitsu Is Helping Banks Identify You By Your Veins

We all know passwords are on the way out: partly because people keep stealing them and partly because by 2020, we'll have run out of ideas for new ones ("password must not be one of your 10,000 previous choices.") Read More >>

Your Computer Might Become an Expert Lip Reader to Keep Your Data Safe

Despite being the most common way to protect computers and sensitive data, passwords are a terrible security solution. So scientists at Hong Kong Baptist University are teaching computers to read a user’s lips as a far more secure method of biometric security. Read More >>

One Of 2016’s Top 20 Passwords Was ’18atcskd2w’

We anticipate the roundups of most common passwords each passing year with a mixture of schadenfreude and despair, as once again scores of people are revealed to be using "123456," "qwerty" and "password." But 2016's list had a few surprises up its sleeve, including the 15th most common password of the year: 18atcskd2w. Read More >>

Facebook Buys Stolen Passwords

Facebook has admitted that it trolls the black market for stolen passwords in an effort to beef up its own security and protect its users who may use the same password across multiple online accounts. Read More >>

Guess Which Bad Passwords Made the Latest Bad Passwords List

An updated list of the internet’s worst passwords is doing the rounds online, with this edition’s top 10 having been pulled from a leaked Yahoo database. Read More >>

People Are Sick of Being Told to Change Their Passwords

We're a world that's had enough of being told what to do, particularly when it comes to endless advice to change passwords to keep our stuff secure. We're so bored, in fact, that when experts tell us to do it we don't bother. Making it worse. Read More >>

Barclays to Drop Telephone Banking Passwords for Voice Recognition This Week

In a move designed to make telephone banking both slicker and more secure, Barclays is to start replacing passwords with voice recognition technology for customers this week. Read More >>

Microsoft is Banning Your Dumb Passwords

When it comes to choosing passwords, a lot of us are very, very dumb. But Microsoft may have a solution to our stupidity: it has plans to create a dynamically updated list of moronic passwords that it won’t let you use. Read More >>

Over 100 Million LinkedIn Logins Are Being Sold by Hackers

Now’s a good time to change your LinkedIn password. 117 million logins for the world’s hippest social network are being advertised in shady areas of the internet. Read More >>

Banks Should Stop Refunding Victims of Online Fraud, Says Met Police Head

Britain’s most senior police officer has called for banks to stop refunding victims of online fraud, as it apparently ‘rewards’ them for being careless about internet security. Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe this week said that customers are being ‘rewarded for bad behaviour’, and that the current system was ‘not incentivising you to protect yourself.’ Read More >>

Some Guy Figured Out How to Hack Into Any Facebook Profile

A white hat hacker in India says he found a way to hack into any Facebook user’s profile. Don’t freak out though! Like a good white hat, the hacker alerted Facebook to the disastrous loophole. Facebook paid him a $15,000 bug bounty. Seems small. Read More >>

First Direct and HSBC Will Offer Biometric Alternatives to the PIN

First Direct (you know, the one behind those annoying platypus ads) and HSBC have announced that customers will soon be able to access their accounts with their voices and fingerprints. By ‘soon’, we’re not talking about next year. First Direct will make the options available in March, with HSBC following suit in the summer. Read More >>

Instagram is Finally Adding Two-Factor Authentication

If you want to not be hacked, the absolute best thing you can do is turn on two-factor authentication for all your accounts. Instagram is way behind the trend here, but it looks like tween’s second-favourite photo network is finally getting with the times. Read More >>