Adidas Says ‘Unauthorised Party’ Maybe Got Millions of Logins, Reminds Us to Never, Ever Reuse Passwords

On Thursday, Adidas revealed a “potential data security incident” that possibly left the contact and login info of millions of Adidas customers in the hands of an “unauthorised party.” As many as “a few million” customers who used the Adidas US website may have been affected by a breach, the Wall Street Journal reports. Read More >>

This New Web Standard Could Finally Kill the Password

Passwords are pretty archaic. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of companies including Google, Apple, Facebook and others, no one has figured out a uniform standard that would make it possible to do away with them entirely. Until, perhaps, now. Read More >>

Did T-Mobile Austria Really Just Admit It Stores Customer Passwords in Plaintext?

Given that password theft from major tech companies like Yahoo has become routine, most large firms now store their users’ passwords in an encrypted format. Keeping a list of users’ passwords in plaintext creates a huge risk—stealing that password database can give a hacker access to millions of accounts. And if a company’s users reuse their passwords on other websites, the breach can put a customer’s entire online identity at risk. Read More >>

Why Your Passwords Aren’t Strong Enough—And What to do About it

Passwords are your way into almost all of your online accounts, from social networks to email platforms, but how do you know whether the ones you’re using are strong enough to stand up to repeated hacking attempts? If you want to know how to do a self-audit on password security, and the best combinations to use to keep your data safe, we’ve asked the experts to explain. Read More >>

How Google Fights Password Thieves

Google and researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, teamed up to study how Google accounts become compromised, shedding light on how the company finds new ways to fight back. Read More >>

The 25 Most Popular Passwords of 2017: You Sweet, Misguided Fools

Every year, SplashData compiles a list of the most popular passwords based on millions of stolen logins made public in the last year. And each time, we own ourselves. Hard. 2017 is no exception. Read More >>

Don’t Use The Same Password For Everything, You Numpties

Be honest. Do you use the same password for multiple logins? Social media, emails, online banking? If you answered yes, you're among the staggering 89 per cent of us that for one reason or another, couldn't be bothered coming up with more than one or two passwords. Read More >>

Apple Says It Fixed High Sierra’s Password Leaking Problem

Time to install those updates! Last week, we warned you that a bug in High Sierra made it possible for an attacker to extract passwords from Apple’s Keychain in plaintext. The bug was discovered and reported by Synack head researcher Patrick Wardle in early September, and now Apple has issued a patch for the issue. Read More >>

MPs Passwords Put up for Sale by Hackers

A stash of email addresses and passwords offered for sale by a Russian hacking crew appears to contain quite a few juicy ones belonging to our power mongers, with the details of some MPs and cabinet ministers popping up in the haul. Read More >>

Workplace App Scrambles to Rescue Users Who Foolishly Used Its Service to Store Passwords

Although storing passwords in plaintext anywhere online is fundamentally the opposite of security, routine data breaches at some of the world’s biggest companies haven’t dissuaded some users from engaging in this obviously terrible practice. Read More >>

Fujitsu Is Helping Banks Identify You By Your Veins

We all know passwords are on the way out: partly because people keep stealing them and partly because by 2020, we'll have run out of ideas for new ones ("password must not be one of your 10,000 previous choices.") Read More >>

Your Computer Might Become an Expert Lip Reader to Keep Your Data Safe

Despite being the most common way to protect computers and sensitive data, passwords are a terrible security solution. So scientists at Hong Kong Baptist University are teaching computers to read a user’s lips as a far more secure method of biometric security. Read More >>

One Of 2016’s Top 20 Passwords Was ’18atcskd2w’

We anticipate the roundups of most common passwords each passing year with a mixture of schadenfreude and despair, as once again scores of people are revealed to be using "123456," "qwerty" and "password." But 2016's list had a few surprises up its sleeve, including the 15th most common password of the year: 18atcskd2w. Read More >>

Facebook Buys Stolen Passwords

Facebook has admitted that it trolls the black market for stolen passwords in an effort to beef up its own security and protect its users who may use the same password across multiple online accounts. Read More >>

Guess Which Bad Passwords Made the Latest Bad Passwords List

An updated list of the internet’s worst passwords is doing the rounds online, with this edition’s top 10 having been pulled from a leaked Yahoo database. Read More >>