Instagram Dinner Kits Launched by Pasta Specialist

A DIY meal kit is about to go on sale from pasta specialist La Famiglia Rana, featuring a variety of boutique pastas and nice-looking ingredients chosen solely for their ability to offer genuine foodies – or anyone who has recently selected "foodie" from the drop-down menu of boring internet personalities – the "ultimate Instagram-worthy content." Read More >>

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This Super-Sharp Knife Made From Pasta Probably Cuts Better Than It Tastes

Any kitchen innovation that reduces the number of dishes you have to clean is always welcome, and that’s exactly why we love this functional knife made from dried pasta. Not only can it be used to slice up tomatoes for a sauce, it can also be boiled and eaten as the main course. Read More >>

This Futuristic Shape-Changing Pasta Was Inspired by Star Wars

Pasta might not make you think “science.” But then again, you’ve probably haven’t shouted “holy shit” while you watched it curl up before your eyes. Read More >>

Aphrodisiac Pasta and Chicken Pizzas Shake up 2015’s Foodscape

A form of pasta with health benefits that include some sort of aphrodisiac claim is coming to the UK, courtesy of artisan dinner provider Pasta Lensi. Read More >>

Now You Don’t Even Have to Boil Water to Make Perfect Pasta

Even those completely unskilled in the kitchen can manage to successfully boil a pot of water and make pasta. But Barilla doesn't want to stop there, it wants even those who can barely differentiate between a stove and a fridge to be able to make spaghetti, and so has created a new line of pastas called Pronto that don't even require you to boil water. Read More >>

Physicists Invented a Horrible New Pasta Shape for Science

Physicists at the University of Warwick created a new hard-to-eat pasta shape they call anelloni to demonstrate the complicated formations ring-shaped polymers can form when they intertwine. Read More >>

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How to Make Spaghetti a Dangerous Weapon (Besides All Those Carbs)

Not only has he laid claim to the title of world's greatest slingshot designer, Joerg Sprave is also a master of turning seemingly innocuous everyday items into frighteningly deadly weapons. Read More >>

Multi-Hinged Cap Always Pours the Perfect Pasta Portion

Pasta portioners seem like a popular target for designers, and while there's no shortage of clever ways to measure out the perfect amount, the Spaghetti Tower does so while also providing a sealed container to keep your pasta fresh. Read More >>

The Pasta-Shaped Radio Waves That Promise Infinite Bandwidth

Try sending a text message at midnight on New Year's Eve, and you'll struggle: there's too much data and not enough bandwidth to cope with it. But now a team of researchers have developed twisted radio waves inspired by pasta, which could allow a "potentially infinite" number of channels to be broadcast simultaneously. Read More >>

How Tomatoes Could Curb Cancer in Italy

I lived in Italy for nearly 20 years, and it's difficult to imagine Italians tolerating anyone tampering with their precious tomato, the main ingredient in their all-important "gravy." But they seem to be ok with the newfangled "Realtomato" showing up in their caprese salads and margherita pizzas. Read More >>