How Facebook Uses Leaked Passwords to Keep Your Account Safe

There's a reason you're not supposed to use same password for all of your accounts—large-scale data breachers are all too common. But in case you still refuse to abide by logic and reason (and many of us do), Facebook now uses those stolen-passwords-made-public to tell you what an idiot your being. And to keep you safe. Read More >>

It’s Okay to Look Through These Hacked Passwords

If you've ever wanted a Twitter account that has around 10 followers, a randomly generated username, and is following thousands of random people, today is your lucky day. Earlier today, an anonymous hacker dumped 55000 usernames and passwords onto Pastebin. Normally, this would be a real inconvenience — and a worrisome breach — but all the affected appear to be spambots with randomly generated passwords and email addresses. Read More >>

Anonymous Says No to Censorship With Its Own Pastebin Rival

Anonymous seems to be branching out all over the place, first we had Anonymous OS, then Anontune and now this. Pastebin has been cracking down on releases, attempting to eradicate leaked credit card information and other sensitive information from its servers. Anonymous didn’t take too kindly to that, so it’s set up its own competing “secure” text dump site, AnonPaste. Read More >>

Anonymous’ Massive Data Leaks Are Being Erased Off the Internet

After every online strike by Anonymous and LulzSec — back when they did that sort of thing — it was inevitable that the leaked goods would wind up on Pastebin, the web's vandalised bathroom stall. Now, the company wants out of the game. Read More >>