Who’s Ready to Get Mad Over an iPad Notch?

Patents aren’t written in stone, but they’re definitely a glimpse into what a company is mulling for future products. On that front, a newly released Apple patent hints the company is finally recognising that most people use their iPads in landscape mode by shifting the front-facing camera and FaceID sensors onto the horizontal side. The catch is that one diagram shows a notch for those components. Read More >>

Apple Just Won 69 New Patents

This week the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published 69 patents for Apple. Can we get a NICE? Read More >>

Patent Reveals Huge Apple Watch Redesign

The US Patent & Trademark Office has published a patent that features an Apple Watch that is missing its most iconic physical feature - the digital crown. Read More >>

Day After Announcing Record Revenue, Apple Gets Hit With £833 Million Judgement

Apple was having a pretty good week. The company just reported a record quarter, raking in billions thanks to the iPhone 11 and selling a whole lot of AirPods and Apple Watches. Just a day later, Apple and its wireless chip provider, Broadcom, were slapped with a $1.1 billion (£833 million) judgement. According to Bloomberg, the fine is the 6th largest patent judgement of all time. Read More >>

Jury Orders Apple to Fork Over £65 Million in Royalties for Wi-LAN Suit

A jury in the US city of San Diego, California ruled last week that Apple must pay Quarter Hill Inc.’s Wi-LAN a cool $85 million (£65 million) in a patent infringement case that’s been ping-ponging around the courts since 2014, Bloomberg reports. Read More >>

Patent Hints Apple May Be Cooking Up a Curvy Glass iMac

The iMac is due for a redesign, and a recent Apple patent hints at an all-in-one desktop made from a single sheet of curved glass. Interestingly, the patent also accounts for potentially built-in keyboards and touchpads, and also the possibility of using the device as a display dock for a MacBook. Read More >>

Apple Is Apparently Working on AR Headphones

At this point, it’s no secret that Apple’s working on augmented reality glasses. However, a patent reveals that the company is also tinkering around with augmented audio in headphones. Read More >>

Apple Tried to Catch Red on Vague Patents – and Lost

Red Digital Cinema appears to be the winner in a months-long patent spat with Apple over its RAW video codec. Apple claimed in its challenge that Red shouldn’t have been able to patent its RedCode Raw codec in the first place. The US Patent and Trademark Office ultimately didn’t agree. Read More >>

Apple, Please Don’t Cram Stuff Into the Apple Watch Band

If patents are to be believed, Apple is potentially mulling moving wireless antennas into the bands of future Apple Watches. The idea is, doing so would free up space in the watch case for other components. This sounds great on paper, and while of course I’d love to see a bigger battery in the Apple Watch, I’m begging you, Apple – please, don’t do it. Read More >>

Microsoft Filed Patent for a Virtual Reality… Mat?

Microsoft might be working on a virtual reality mat to, at least in part, keep you from getting clotheslined by your coffee table yet again while ostensibly blinded by a VR headset. The company calls it a “virtual reality floor mat activity region” in the patent application it filed to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this week. Read More >>

Nintendo Is Experimenting With Ways to Make the Switch’s Joy-Cons Even More Fragile

Nintendo is not letting recent troubles with faulty Joy-Con controllers deter it from exploring new ways to innovate its gaming hardware. A recent patent filing with the USPTO reveals a design for a bendable Switch Joy-Con controller that supposedly improves its ergonomics and usability. Read More >>

Why Is Apple Flexing on High-end Camera Company Red Over Vague Patents?

Apple isn’t afraid of beef, and the latest company on its bad side is Red Digital Cinema. The two companies are currently locked in a lawsuit over one of Red’s RAW codec patents, which Apple is trying to get invalidated. The big question, however, is why Apple is going through the trouble in the first place. Read More >>

HTC’s Stopped Selling Phones in the UK Thanks to a Patent Dispute

HTC's phone division isn't anywhere near as popular as it once once, but now the company has been hit with another problem that's going to see its position in the UK phone market plummet even further. And it's all thanks to a long-running patent dispute with IPCom. Read More >>

Should Artificial Intelligence Be Credited as an Inventor?

A collaborative research team claims their artificially intelligent system should be recognised as the rightful inventor of two innovative designs, in a potentially disruptive development in patent law. Read More >>

The Inventor of Those Eco-Friendly Hipster Bulbs Is Getting Ready to Sue Everyone

Edison-style LED bulbs have become a real hit, and often seen in places like trendy restaurants and bars. Like typical LED bulbs, these bulbs offer increased energy efficiency and last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs while maintaining a stylish old-world appearance. Read More >>