Patreon is Putting Up Money for Projects Now, But it Expects a Return

Patreon, the beloved subscription platform whose independent media creators would really like it to stay the course, is following what seems to be the inevitable trajectory of online payment processors and giving out small loans – in this case, cash advances for upcoming projects. This may be getting into hairy don’t-mix-friends-with-business territory for a company which is built on goodwill (namely, a relatively liberal 90 per cent payout of all revenues to creators). But, as Patreon business owners know, everybody needs to get paid, and Patreon is a business. Read More >>

Patreon is Changing Again – and Wants to Do it Right This Time

Yes, Patreon is making adjustments again – as some creators have suspected and feared. The recurring crowdfunding site agonised over a relatively small change in how it does business, and in doing so it’s setting an example few other platforms live up to. Read More >>

Facebook’s Patreon Clone Wants to Pocket Up to Six Times As Much of the Revenue As Patreon

Facebook is gunning for creator-subscription service Patreon’s business – but on much less generous terms. Read More >>

Why Adult Content Creators Are Mad at Patreon

Patreon, the service of choice for independent artists and creators, has once again cracked down on adult content makers. This week, a slew of Patreon creators who make suggestive material received notification that their pages were suspended or shut down. Read More >>

Facebook Is Testing If You’ll Pay Actual Money for Your Favorite Groups’ Premium Content

As Facebook continues to look for ways to wring every last dollar out of its platform, the company announced today that it is rolling out a pilot program that allows Facebook group administrators the ability to offer paid monthly subscriptions. Read More >>

Patreon to World: ‘We Messed Up’

Last week recurring donation platform Patreon announced a change to its payments structure from an intuitive, once-a-month setup to a convoluted one that may as well have relied on used car salesman maths. Creators and patrons alike made their displeasure known, loudly. Today the company’s CEO Jack Conte announced unequivocally that the changes won’t take place. Read More >>

Why Everyone Is Mad at Patreon Now

Over the past four years Patreon has grown to become the de facto funding model for independent creators online—a platform where supporters pledge small monthly recurring donations that better support an enduring career instead of the need Kickstarter or GoFundMe’s per-project setup fills. But an overhaul of its fee structure announced yesterday has creators furious and patrons leaving in droves. Read More >>

Hackers Dump Entire Database of Artist Crowdfunding Website Patreon Online

It’s a bad day for online security. Patreon, a crowdfunding website designed to let fans pay artists, has just had 15GB of its user’s data — and the site’s source code — dumped online. Read More >>