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Breaking Down the Old Friends and New Secrets of Star Trek: Picard’s Latest Trailer

Patrick Stewart beamed into the Javits Center for New York Comic Con this past weekend with a few friends and an absolutely incredible new look at Star Trek: Picard. Building on the complex world we saw established in its first trailer, decades after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, here’s what we spotted in our new look at Jean-Luc’s next adventure. Read More >>

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What If Captain Picard’s Star Trek: Nemesis Clone Was Just Patrick Stewart, Instead of Bald Baby Tom Hardy?

Star Trek: Nemesis is a nightmare of a movie, but one of its slightly better nightmares is the bonkers performance a young, spectacularly shaved Tom Hardy gives as Shinzon, the villain of the film and also the Romulan-made clone of Jean-Luc Picard. But what if instead of just inviting us to believe that Patrick Stewart looked like Tom Hardy as a youth, Shinzon was...just Patrick Stewart? Read More >>

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Patrick Stewart Might Be Responsible for How We All Say Data Now

Pop culture can have a huge effect on society, influencing how we dress, what we eat, what we say (“hasta la vista, baby”), and even how we pronounce certain words. Brent Spiner believes the way we all say the word “data” now was directly influenced by his Star Trek: The Next Generation co-star Patrick Stewart. Read More >>

The Kid Who Would Be King Is a Solid, Feel-Good Adventure Film

If I were 10 years old, The Kid Who Would Be King would be my favourite movie. I’d watch it every day, twice on Sunday, run wild with a fake sword, and pretend to save the world with my friends. As an adult, the film didn’t have quite that impact on me but it’s easy to recognize its earnest joyfulness that taps into those childlike feelings. For better or worse, it feels like a movie from another time. Read More >>

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Sir Patrick Stewart Has Been an Important Presence in the Picard Show’s Writers Room

There are a lot of ways to get to know a character. You can study all their appearances, get really into the heads of the people who made them. Or, you can just be a brilliant actor who’s played that character for several years. That works, too. Read More >>

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Our First Look at What Feels Like the First Star Trek Action Figures in Ages

There’s plenty of Trek merchandise out there, from giant ship replicas, to fancy dolls, to actual meme statuettes. But for honest to god action figures, it feels like it’s been years since there’s been a line of Starfleet’s finest small enough to command your valuable desk space. That’s finally changing thanks to McFarlane Toys. Read More >>

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Report: A Next Generation Sequel Could Be Included in Alex Kurtzman’s Expansive New Star Trek Deal

In the wake of shocking allegations against Star Trek: Discovery’s showrunners, producer Alex Kurtzman recently took over the role of showrunning the latest Trek series’ sophomore season. But according to multiple reports today, he’s just signed a new deal with CBS that could usher in multiple new Star Trek shows. Hold on to your butts... Read More >>

Patrick Stewart As The Next HIGNFY Host? He’s Made It So

Have I Got News For You is back on the 21st of April, and its first host will be... Captain Picard! Read More >>

Wolverine 3 Is Probably Patrick Stewart’s Last X-Men Movie, Too

Wolverine 3 won’t just be the swan song for Hugh Jackman’s take on Wolverine—apparently it’ll be the last time his co-star Patrick Stewart takes on the Xavier mantle, too. Read More >>

David Cameron’s Still V. Serious About Ukraine, Even When Responding to Patrick Stewart’s Piss-Take

If you cast your mind back to yesterday's big Twitter hoo-ha (yes, before everyone jacked in that tomfoolery for the bitcoin car-chase), you may recall celebrities such as Sir Patrick Stewart took the mick out of David Cameron's very serious call to Obama about the Ukraine crisis, as pictured on his Twitter account for all to be suitably impressed by. The inevitable response came today from Cameron's aides: Read More >>