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How Facial Recognition Uses Super-Simple Patterns to Understand Your Expression

Facial recognition systems use all kinds of clever software to work out who you are and even how you’re feeling. But in this video explainer, Dr Michel Valstar explains how a simple piece of analysis known as a Local Binary Pattern can help detect your expression. Read More >>

These Abstract Wallpaper Rolls Let You Mix and Match Like a Madman

Painting walls is a pain in the ass, but wallpapering seems like it would be way, way worse; mostly just because of the prep, and the annoying process of making sure every panel matches up. Which is what makes Cut & Paste from All the Fruits seem so cool; each roll is a mix-and-match of patterns designed to complement each other without being a perfect repeat. Brilliant! Read More >>

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Watch Audio Frequencies Create Amazing Visual Patterns

Sometimes when the music is really good, and the sound is really loud, and the pill is really potent, you can see what you hear. But that's just brain tricks. This, however, is real and mesmerising. Watch how different audio frequencies can create mind blowing visual patterns. It's a kaleidoscope of sound. Read More >>

Accidental Architectural Patterns From All Over the World

Photographer Jared Lim has an knack for capturing colourful patterns around the world, and they make for some eye-catching photos in his series Urban Exploration. Read More >>