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Free Google Cardboard App Lets You Stand on Stage With Paul McCartney

Google's cheap virtual reality solution — a piece of folded cardboard — is perhaps the best thing to happen to VR in a long while. And now it lets you stand right there on stage with Paul McCartney. Read More >>

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Paul McCartney “Invented the Selfie” (Or So He Claims)

This one's for all those duck-faced posers out there who thought that they had broken new ground by flipping the lens on themselves in the hope of receiving a flurry (or not!) of notifications on Facebook and Instagram: Macca beat 'em to it. Read More >>

Paul McCartney’s Back Catalogue Returns to Internet Streaming Sites

Those of you who prefer the post-Beatles part of Macca's career but don't quite like it enough to pay for it are in luck, with the pensioner's tunes now back up on the online streaming radio sites after they were found to be missing earlier this year. Read More >>

Bruce Springsteen’s Aborted Hard Rock Calling Gig Had Nothing to do With Health and Safety

Well here's a turn up for the books. The Health and Safety Executive has spoken out -- don't blame H&S, it had nothing to do with the curfew that cut off Bruce Springsteen and Sir Paul McCartney in their prime at the Hyde Park gig last Saturday. What the hell? Read More >>

Macca Pulls Streaming Support… Before Streamed iTunes Concert

The living legend that is Sir Paul McCartney has removed his catalogue of solo work from streaming services in the US, coincidentally just before performing an exclusive set that'll be streamed through iTunes later today. Read More >>