A Pavement Parking Ban Could be Coming

Parking on the pavement because you can and no one ever does anything more than tut and take a photo to tut about later on social media could soon be stopped, as the Department for Transport is at last looking to add the option of banning pavement parking to future road laws. Read More >>

Used Canola Oil Turns Dusty Paths Into Roads That Smell Like Chips

Fryer oil turns plain old potatoes into delicious chips. It powers our biodiesel cars. And, now, it's being used to turn the dusty surfaces of rural Canadian roads into stable makeshift asphalt—AND THEY SMELL LIKE CHIPS. God bless our obsession with that infernally unhealthy liquid. Read More >>

4 Ways to Make Better Roads and Car Parks From the Ground Up

As a surface for wheels, tarmac does its job well enough. Tarmac is flat, smooth, and solid (usually). But there is a price we pay for the convenience of paved roads and parking lots everywhere—a price paid in heat, noise, and polluted runoff. We went in search of better pavement and found these potential solutions. Read More >>