Vodafone Caps Pay As You Go Charges, So You Don’t Pay More Than £1 a Day

I don't really know anyone who's on Pay As You Go these days. With the ubiquity of mobile data, and the charges I've seen associated with off-contract data, PAYG doesn't seem like a particularly good idea. At least it's not for the way I use my phone, and there are plenty of people who feel differently. Vodafone might have ditched the slogan 'Power To You', but its latest announcement seems quite in line with that. Read More >>

T-Mobile Customers’ Pay-As-You-Go Minutes, Data and Texts Wiped Out By Glitch

Pay-as-you-go minutes, texts and data have become "where-did-they-go?" minutes, texts and data for T-Mobile customers this week, as a glitch in the network operator's systems has seen its customers suffering from disappearing pay-as-you-go bundles. Read More >>

Virgin Mobile Admits to New 2Mb Mobile Data Speed Cap

Virgin Mobile has started restricting mobile data connections to around 2Mb, reducing the maximum download speeds on offer to 3G phone users to help give everyone a workable level of service. Read More >>

Virgin Media Uses the U-Word to Describe New Mobile Data SIMs

Virgin Media's new Big Data pay-as-you-go SIM may tempt a few of you, as it sees the network offer unlimited mobile data to SIM-only customers in return for topping up with £10 of credit a month. Read More >>

Greedy Glitch in Pay-as-You-Go Phone Left Woman Over £27,000 in Debt

Once, I bought a cheap pre-paid international mobile phone, to take on holiday to Mexico so as to avoid futzing with my iPhone's data and roaming and such. Read More >>