Sony Is Going to Make a Pay-TV Killing Streaming TV Service Later This Year

Variety reports that one of Sony's big fish announcements this year will be a broadband TV service that'll compete directly with cable. The TV service will offer multiple channels licensed from different content companies and will stream over the Internet. Meaning there would be no more need to pay for Sky or Virgin. Meaning awesome. Read More >>

Report: Intel Is Planning Targeted TV Advertising With Facial Recognition

Reuters is reporting that Intel is pursuing a creepy little venture, in conjunction with pay TV providers, which involves a set-top box, recognising your face and then targeting ads. Read More >>

News Corp Hacked ITV Digital Out of Business in the UK Pay-TV Wars (Updated)

Blimey, the hacking scandal swirling around News Corp. seems to be getting worse and worse each week. Phone jacking wasn’t the only thing Murdoch’s cronies used hackers for; they also used them to leak digital subscription access codes to Sky's pay-TV competitor ITV Digital, inducing the widespread piracy that forced it out of business. Read More >>