Facebook Announces Libra, Digital Currency on the Blockchain That Doesn’t Actually Need to Be on the Blockchain

Facebook and 27 other partner companies formally announced this morning they plan to launch a digital currency called Libra in the first half of 2020. And if they pull it off, Libra could become the standard digital currency around the world. Read More >>

Ex-PayPal Employee Fights to Have Her Gender Discrimination Dispute Heard In Court

A former PayPal employee filed a gender discrimination complaint against the company on Thursday, alleging that her supervisor passed her up for a promotion because the job would require international travel and she had young children at home. Instead, the complaint says, her male colleague with a small child was given the job. Read More >>

Phishing Scam From Fake PayPal Account Was Promoted on Twitter

An account posing as PayPal used a paid promotion on Twitter to bait users into sharing their personal information under the guise that they were entering an end-of-year contest, The Next Web reported this week. Read More >>

PayPal: What If We Banned Both Sides

Payment processing giant PayPal terminated accounts belonging to the far-right Proud Boys organisation and its founder, Vice Media co-founder Gavin McInnes, this week in what seemed to be a response to their involvement in a street brawl in New York and well-documented history of violence elsewhere. But it also banned a number of anti-fascist groups across the country, including Antifa Atlanta, Antifa Sacramento, and the Anti-Fascist Network. The company has declined to comment on why aside from citations of its TOS and vague comparisons between antifa and others it has banned, like far-right activist Tommy Robinson. Read More >>

Alex Jones Files Lawsuit Trying to Force PayPal to Reinstate Infowars’ Account

Frequently shirtless supplement salesman and Infowars founder Alex Jones, whose small media empire has been fully or partially banned from virtually every major internet platform, is suing to get back on PayPal. Read More >>

Infowars and Prison Planet Belatedly Banned From PayPal for Obvious Reasons

Just when we thought Twitter was going to be the last one to hold the toxic bag that is Alex Jones, payment processing giant PayPal reminded the internet today that, yup, it was still helping Infowars make money, and that also it’s very sorry and plans to stop. Better late than never! Read More >>

Paypal: Dying While Owing Us Money is Unacceptable to Us

E-payments company Paypal sent a deceased customer an email more or less stating that the cessation of life functions – and thus an inability for the customer in question to clear their remaining account balance – was a violation of site policy. Read More >>

Ebay Is Finally Breaking It Off With PayPal, Which Is Doing Just Great By the Way

PayPal and eBay, two brands that were best friends forever for like 15 years or so, are destined to be platonic besties no longer. Read More >>

And Here’s Another PayPal Phishing Scam You’ll Want to Avoid

The holidays are upon us, and so it is to remind ourselves once again of just how much cyber criminals enjoy playing on the very fears of consumer fraud they elicit. If the last thing you want interrupting your time with friends and loved ones is a slew of fraudulent bank charges, you’ll need to keep your wits about you. Read More >>

PayPal Beats Up on Sad Sack Pandora Over New Logo

PayPal sued Pandora on Friday, claiming that the struggling music streaming service ripped off its distinctive blue logo in the hopes of piggybacking on PayPal’s popularity. PayPal savagely disses Pandora’s business model in its complaint, basically claiming that Pandora’s user base is faltering so much that it has to trick PayPal’s customers into accidentally clicking on the streaming app. Read More >>

PSA: Charitable Donations Through PayPal May Never Reach Your Charity of Choice

If you’ve ever donated to a charity through PayPal’s fundraising platform, be warned: A lawsuit filed yesterday alleges that money given through Paypal’s Giving Fund may never actually reach the intended recipients. Read More >>

Why You Should Care if Apple Pay Comes to Websites

A report in Recode suggests that Apple is planning to bring Apple Pay to websites later this year, which will let you buy stuff online with your iPhone. An incremental change to a marginally popular payment service doesn’t sound exciting, but it’s arguably the biggest payment move Apple has ever made. Read More >>

Paypal Turns to Bitcoin Expert to Future-Proof Itself

A man described as being a "bitcoin entrepreneur" has joined Paypal, with the traditional money-shifting business inviting Wences Casares to pull up a chair at its board table. Read More >>

Don’t Buy Any Games Until the Steam Christmas Sale Starts Next Week

PayPal has accidentally revealed that the Steam winter sale will kick off on December 22nd, so if there are any games you really want to buy, chances are you’ll get a lovely discount if you hold off a few more days. In an email sent to customers this week, the company revealed that the bargain-fest will start on Tuesday. The sale itself doesn’t come as a surprise, but it’s nice to be able to put a date in the calendar. [Ubergizmo] Read More >>

Apple’s 0% Finance Deal Could Seriously Help You With Your Christmas Shopping

Fancy picking up a shiny new iPhone 6S or MacBook ahead of Christmas? As long as you buy something that costs at least £99 from the Apple Store, you can pay in monthly instalments with 0% interest. It’s not quite a knockout Black Friday deal, but it could come in seriously handy over the expensive festive period. Move fast though, as the offer expires on 5 January. Read More >>