Creepy Teardown Reveals What’s Inside a Robot Designed to Spy on Nature

In an effort to capture never-before-seen footage of animals in their natural habitats, the BBC’s Spy in the Wild series created robotic versions of meerkats, monkeys, and other creatures designed to blend in with their real-life counterparts. The robots are remarkably lifelike, until you remove all of their fur and reveal their inner workings. Read More >>

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Is it Possible to Fart Your Way Across Space? 

Don’t tell me you having thought about it. It’s only natural to think about the expulsion of your bodily gas as a rocket launch and then imagine what it’d be like in space. At least that’s why I tell myself. But could it actual propel you? Yes and no. Read More >>

Photoshop Has Changed the World

Can you imagine a world where Photoshop doesn't exist? A world where we can take every picture at face value and believe that there was no airbrushing, no retouching, no nothing? I can't. Photoshop has made it impossible for me to not question what I'm seeing and at the same twisted time has also redefined my image of what things are supposed to look like. PBS' excellent Off Book series takes a look at how Photoshop is remixing the world. Read More >>

How the Internet Changed Comics

Things that have changed because of the Internet: newspapers, magazines, porn, dating, shopping, television, movies, video games, lunch, cooking, cats, weather, pictures. Ah, you get the point. The internet has changed pretty much everything. And sometimes it creates stuff too. Like the rise of web comics. Read More >>

Sky Blue
Why Is the Sky Any Colour?

You probably think the sky is blue because of the ocean and air and reflections or something like that. But how does it turn red sometimes? Or orange? Or rather, why does the sky have to be any colour at all? PBS explains it so you can explain it to your future kid. Read More >>

Could Minecraft Actually Be the Ultimate Educational Tool?

Playing the video game Minecraft is a joke that writes itself. Ooh, look at nerds building the world they want to live in! But it's actually engaging, like playing with a digital Lego. Could it also be the ultimate educational tool? PBS' Idea Channel examines Minecraft's case for wrinkling our brain. Read More >>

3d printing
Will 3D Printing Change the World?

The easy answer: no probably not. But after being shouted out by POTUS himself at the SOTU, 3D printing is slowly, possibly, maybe creeping into a bigger deal for more than just Maker Faire-types. So the wonderful folks at PBS Off Book decided to take a closer look and answer the question once and for all. Will 3D printing change the world? Read More >>

Is Twitter Ruining Journalism or Making It Better?

It's undeniable that Twitter has changed—and is still changing—the face of journalism. It makes some things simpler and some things more complicated. But how is it affecting journalism on the whole? This PBS Off-Book segment gives that some thought and uncovers one deep, universal truth: Twitter is neato. [PBS Off Book] Read More >>

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The Aesthetics and Culture of 8-Bit Art, Adorably Explained

Almost all members of Generation Y, aka the 'Millenials,' have some sort of relationship to, or remembrance of 8-bit. PBS delves into the distinct style in their latest Off Book video. Read More >>

Never Underestimate the Power of a Strong Title Sequence

An amazing opening-credit sequence can really immerse an audience, setting the tone for the entire film. PBS's Off Book series showcases the designers behind such films as Seven, Blue Valentine, and Mad Men. Watch the video to hear their approach to such a specific, but important, aspect of filmmaking. [YouTube / PBS va Laughing Squid] Read More >>

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How To Extract Your Own DNA Using Household Items

You can extract your own DNA with drinking water, salt, dish soap, alcohol, food coloring, and your own spit! This NOVA/PBS-made video shows you how. Read More >>

Nova on PBS launches today in the UK
America’s PBS Now Available In the UK On Virgin and Sky

American-o-philes this is for you. PBS, America's equivalent of the BBC with adverts, is launching in the UK on Sky and Virgin as of today with a brand new channel. Read More >>