A Last Minute Price Drop Makes AMD’s New Graphics Cards a Solid Deal

The release of AMD’s latest GPUs should have been exciting. At E3 in June, the company announced the Radeon 5700 and 5700XT, and according to AMD, they would often be faster than Nvidia’s rival RTX 2060 (£299.99) and 2070 (£398.99), but for just £20 to £40 more than Nvidia’s offerings. It was a notable about-face from AMD’s previous pricing strategy of undercutting Nvidia – as if the company felt it could compete on even ground. Read More >>

How to Build the Best PC 1991 Had to Offer

In 1991, the reliably delightful Computer Chronicles gave us a peek into the intrepid world of custom PC builders—or as they were called back then, "homebrewers." And looking back a solid 23 years later, the once so-called "Volkswagen of PCs" is downright adorable. Read More >>