Samsung is Also Working on Folding-Screen Laptops

We knew Samsung – and LG and Lenovo, and Huawei, and everyone else it seems – was working on a fold-up smartphone. But it seems they're working on foldy laptop displays, too. Read More >>

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Watch a Guy Build a Brand New, Completely Obsolete Gaming PC With 20-Year-Old Parts

On June 25, 1998, Microsoft released Windows 98. It didn’t come out with quite as much fanfare as Windows 95 did, so to commemorate the OS’ 20th anniversary, YouTuber Shelby Jueden built a gaming PC using brand new, in the box, 20-year old components, as well as an unused copy of Windows 98. Read More >>

PC Sales Are Up, But Only a Little, So Play It Cool

After more than five years of declining sales, nerds and APM enthusiasts everywhere can gently rejoice: the PC has made a comeback so far this year, thanks in part to businesses switching operating systems and the insatiable appetites of gamers. Read More >>

Nvidia CEO Says New GPUs Won’t Be Available for a ‘Long Time’

People thinking about upgrading or building new gaming PCs have had a rough six months. First, there was the cryptocurrency boom, which caused graphics cards to sell for double or triple their MSRP. Then, just as soon as GPU prices began to fall, the price of RAM became an issue, with SSDs threatening to do the same over the next few months. Read More >>

Playing This New Sim On a PC Is Meta As Hell

Building a computer is a lot like making a delicious omelette, only the eggs are solid-state drives and cost a lot. Instead of spending what could amount to thousands of pounds on your first custom PC build for gaming at insane resolutions and blazing fast framerates, fire up your ultrabook and spend your pocket money on PC Building Simulator which lets you do all the hard work of computer building while reaping no tangible reward. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Edge Browser Could Soon Be Harder to Ignore in Windows 10

It’s time for a look at the latest Insider Preview build of Windows 10. There are some small but welcome improvements, like the addition of HEIF (high efficiency file format) that lets you more easily save and view photos and videos from across the web, along with a safer removal process for people using external GPUs. OK, cool. Read More >>

CES 2018: HP’s Convertible Spectre x360 15 Wants to Give You What the MacBook Pro Can’t

After the latest MacBook Pro refresh failed to deliver the kind of features buyers really wanted, Apple’s competitors sensed weaknesss. Instead of an overabundance of USB-C ports and gimmicky touch screens above the keyboard, systems like the new Spectre x360 15 are hoping to entice users back to PC land by offering way better flexibility, faster performance and the ability to live life dongle-free. Read More >>

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The Windows 10 Anniversary Update Proves Why PCs Aren’t Dead

Microsoft released Windows 10 in the summer of 2015, but unlike previous versions of the operating system, it was meant to be the “final” version of Windows, updated into perpetuity. Now, the company is preparing its first major update available to everyone on August 2nd. Read More >>

Yes, this Wooden Monolith is Actually a Gaming PC

This is Project SkyVue, a self-build PC created by one-man cabinet maker and hardware enthusiast extraordinaire Jeffrey Stephenson, who decided that he didn't his gaming PC to be hidden shamefully beneath his PC desk. This one's suitable to be allowed on the glass work surface of the fussiest of tidy freaks. Read More >>

Portable Gaming System Promises PC Power in a Pocket

The developer of the PGS handheld claims to have solved the tricky problem of wanting to play PC games when not in front of your home gaming superstation, building a machine that might, if it's actually real and not a crowdfunding scam, offer HD gaming on the go. Read More >>

RIP Andrew Grove: Here’s Why He Was So Important For Modern Technology

Andrew Grove, the former boss of Intel, has died aged 79. He was one of the key developers of the modern computer hardware we know and use and depend upon for our every interaction today, leading the engineering team that took it from memory producer to the processor superpower it is today. Read More >>

Your Next Tricked-Out Gaming PC Deserves a Luxury Yacht-Shaped Case

If people pouring many thousands of pounds into upgrading a Honda leaves you scratching your head, elaborate PC builds might baffle you even more. Some people take great pride in their sick computers, though, and what better way to show off than with a luxury yacht-shaped case? Read More >>

Lenovo’s New Droid-Shaped PC is an All-in-One Entertainment System

If you’re sick of awkwardly plugging your laptop into a projector to watch films on your wall, Lenovo’s new IdeaCenter 610S is for you. It’s a powerful PC with a built-in 720p projector. As others have pointed out, the rig also looks kind of sort of like a Star Wars droid. Read More >>

Your Big, Expensive Steam Machine is Actually Worse Than Windows for Games

Benchmarking tools running on identical hardware show there's quite a sizeable difference in performance when running games under SteamOS and Windows 10, with the new gaming specific OS somehow doing a worse job of it all. Read More >>