Indonesia’s Awful Fire Season Killed Up to 100,000 People

This time last year, tens of thousands of fires were raging across Indonesia’s peat forests, spewing carbon like coal plants and sending smoke halfway around the planet. But those fires weren’t just bad for our atmosphere: they were awful for the people who breathe it. Read More >>

A Single Bad Fire Season Sent Smoke Halfway Around the Planet

For several months last autumn, Indonesia choked under a blanket of smog furled by one of the worst fire seasons in its history. But smouldering peatlands didn’t limit their pollution to the island nation: they sent smoke halfway across the world. Read More >>

This Could Be the Biggest Threat To Our Climate If We Don’t Act Fast

When you think “peatland,” you probably picture water, or mosquitoes, or creepily preserved human artefacts. What most of us don’t consider are catastrophic wildfires—but that’s precisely what scientists are now worried about when it comes to one of the most carbon-rich ecosystems on Earth. Read More >>