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How the Apple Watch Compares to its Biggest Competition

The Apple Watch is finally here in what has been one of the longest waits for an Apple device in the company’s history. And like almost every product in that storied produce lineage, the Apple Watch enters the retail world with some stiff competition. Read More >>

Pebble’s Fantastic Android Wear-Powered Smartwatch Is Now Better Than Ever

A few days ago Pebble's wonderful smartwatches got updated with the power of Android Wear notifications when the feature rolled out to all users. I've been using it for a few days now, and while it's definitely not a perfect implementation, it does make one of the best smartwatches out there even better. Read More >>

Even the Best Smartwatch Has Only Sold One Million Units 

Do people actually want smartwatches? I'm starting to wonder. The Pebble smartwatch—a phenomenal Kickstarter success story and the darling of tech critics everywhere—has only sold 1 million copies. Read More >>

Pebble Steel Review: The Best Smartwatch, Now Also Beautiful

Smartwatches are awesome! Smartwatches look kinda dumb a lot of the time! They don't have to though, and the Pebble Steel is proof. The improved look isn't quite enough to make it the perfect smartwatch, but it goes a long, long way. Read More >>

Pebble Steel Brings Some Sophisticated Style to the Smartwatch Scene

There's only really one smartwatch worth its salt (bow your heads in shame Sony and Samsung) and that's the Pebble. If its Fisher Price toy-like looks have put you off in the past, Pebble has heard your cries and gone back to the drawing board. It's just revealed the super-sleek Pebble Steel, a refined, fashion-conscious revision of its original smartwatch design. Read More >>