Pebble Time Round Review: Beauty in Simplicity

Smartwatches are subjected to many metaphors: “Smartphones on your wrist.” Mmm, not quite. Maybe in a few more years. “A wearable computer.” Depends on your definition of “computer”. Better keep looking. “An extension of your smartphone.” Now, that’s an idea – one that Pebble has perfected with the Pebble Time Round. Read More >>

Pebble Time Round Is a Smartwatch For People Who Don’t Like Smartwatches

“It looks like a watch!” my wife proclaimed, when I showed her the Pebble Time Round. She wasn’t stating the obvious. She meant that out of all the smartwatches she’d ever seen, it’s the first one that looks like something she would wear. Read More >>

Pebble Time Steel Review: Still Quietly Beautiful

The original Pebble Steel was a great smartwatch in a surprisingly fashionable costume. Its successor, the Time Steel, keeps the sex appeal but crams more brains inside. Read More >>

Pebble Time Preview: Why Can’t All Smartwatches Be This Simple?

Before the Apple Watch, there was the Pebble. The smartwatch that raised an incredible $10.3 million on Kickstarter. The smartwatch that managed to outsmart Google’s Android Wear. The Best Smartwatch according to critics everywhere. For the past five days, I’ve been wearing its successor: the Pebble Time. It’s the most fun I’ve had with a smartwatch yet. Read More >>

Pebble Time Shows Us Just How Much Crowdfunding Has Changed

Last Friday, the Pebble Time smartwatch ended its month-long crowdfunding campaign with over $20 million (£13.5m) in pledges, making it the most-funded Kickstarter in Kickstarter history by a margin of roughly $7m (£4.7m) Read More >>

These are Pebble’s Secret Weapons in The Smartwatch War

Did you think the new Pebble Time's colour screen and new UI paradigm made for an exciting smartwatch? Well, you ain't seen nothing yet. The company's been hiding two major announcements that could make Pebble Time the smartwatch to beat this year. Read More >>

Pebble Time Smartwatch Smashes $500k Kickstarter Goal in Under 20 Minutes (Updated)

It's been almost three years since the original Pebble (still one of the very best) closed up Kickstarter-shop with over $10 million, and now the little watch that could has a true successor. This is the Pebble Time. It's thinner. It's got a colour screen. It's got a microphone. And it reached its full $500,000 (£324k) Kickstarter target in just 17 minutes, with the funding clocking rapidly over $900,000 (£583k) within the half hour, and just a few moments ago, at 16:33pm, hit the $3,000,000 (£1.95m) mark. Incredible, Pebble. Read More >>