Where Does Life Flourish in Antarctica? Follow the Penguin Poo

The Antarctic is teeming with microscopic life: mites, water bears, and roundworms squirm around, invisible to the naked eye. In fact, the Antarctic is full of biodiversity hotspots—and they’re thanks to penguin and elephant seal poo. Read More >>

Ladybird Has More of Those Funny Adult Books Coming for Christmas

Those allegedly funny Ladybird for adults books that set low-hanging parts of the world on fire last Christmas are back, this time aiming their greeting card humour at such easy targets as students, the workplace, old people, cats and -- in a surprisingly early shark-jump moment for the series -- the zombie apocalypse. Read More >>

More Crazy British Whale Trail Tales Are Just an Ebook Away

Remember that funky British-born iPhone and Android game Whale Trail that sold gangbusters and was a melding of warped-minds between ustwo and Gruff Rhys from the Super Furry Animals? It’s just grabbed a book deal from Penguin. Move over you stinking Highway Rat, Willow the whale is on her way to mess with your colour-loving minds. Read More >>

This Prehistoric Penguin Was the Biggest Penguin Ever

If you thought emperor penguins were big, this prehistoric cousin put them to shame. In its day it stood over four feet tall and was 50 per cent heavier than the already pretty massive emperor we know today. Read More >>