Penguins Can Shoot Poo 1.34 Metres, Study Says

Researchers have sought to answer a question very few people were likely asking — how far can an Adélie penguin poo when it’s guarding its nest? That answer is up to 1.34 metres, in case you were wondering. Read More >>

At Least Some Penguins Benefited From Record Antarctic Sea Ice Loss

Antarctica’s sea ice has crashed in recent years. It’s nothing to celebrate, but apparently some Antarctic penguins are loving it. A new study out Wednesday found that a group of Adélie penguins actually thrived during a period of sea ice loss. Don’t get too excited, though. This sea ice loss doesn’t affect all penguins the same. Read More >>

Merriam-Webster’s New Tool Tells You Which Words First Appeared in Print the Year You Were Born

In 2018, the Oxford English Dictionary added words like beerfest, jumbotron, modder, antifa, binge-watch, and nothingburger, reflecting the awful, awful times we live in. But have you ever wondered what words officially entered our lexicon the year you were born? Probably not, but it turns out Merriam-Webster’s Time Traveler tool is a fascinating archive of when certain technologies, trends, or pop-culture references came to be. Read More >>

Penguin Shortage Forces UK Zoo to Use Models

The posh new penguin enclosure at Telford Exotic Zoo is now open for business, although due to problems in the international supply chain of penguins, it's currently loaded up with fake model birds only. Read More >>

New Zealand Penguins Travel 1,500 Miles for Food in Marathon Migration

New research into the migration habits of Tawaki penguins has revealed an absolutely marathon trek in which these aquatic birds travel upwards of 1,550 miles (2,500 kilometres) from home, sometimes swimming as much as 50 miles (80 kilometres) per day to reach their feeding sites. Read More >>

The World’s Largest King Penguin Colony Is Catastrophically Shrinking—and We Don’t Know Why

The last time scientists visited Ile aux Cochons in 1982, an island that is part of an archipelago in the southern Indian Ocean, the king penguin population was booming. Over 500,000 breeding pairs (around 2 million penguins total) huddled together there, making the island the largest king penguin colony in the world. But new research shows their numbers have been on a stiff decline since then—by as much as 88 per cent. And scientists don’t really know why. Read More >>

Poo Stains Seen From Space Lead to Discovery of Massive Penguin ‘Supercolony’

After noticing the telltale signs of guano streaks on satellite imagery, an international team of researchers set out to count the number of penguins on Antarctica’s aptly named Danger Islands. They found a previously undetected supercolony of over 1.5 million Adélie penguins—a surprising result, given how poorly these aquatic birds are doing just 100 miles away. Read More >>

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Two African Penguins Are About to Hatch and You Can Watch Live

You might think that Gizmodo isn’t typically a cute animal blog. But there are currently a pair of penguin eggs at the National Aviary in the US that are about to hatch, under the watchful eyes of adorable penguin parents Sidney and Bette. And you can watch it live. Read More >>

200-Pound Penguins Once Prowled the Seas of Ancient New Zealand

Penguins are objectively adorable animals. The flappy little buddies waddle around on stubby feet, and some even like to be tickled. Their chicks are basically cute fluffballs made of fat and charisma that dance in children’s movies. However, a new fossil discovery in New Zealand has revealed an ancestral penguin species that was considerably more intimidating than today’s agreeable Antarctic chaps. This long-extinct penguin was immense—standing nearly six feet tall and weighing more than two hundred pounds—one of the largest semi-aquatic birds to ever shuffle across the Earth. Read More >>

Scientists Crack the Code of the Antarctic Penguin’s Mysterious Undersea Calls

When Gentoo penguins swim into the open ocean to hunt for food, they often produce weird buzzing sounds that marine biologists assume is a form of communication. By strapping cameras to the backs of these aquatic birds, scientists have finally figured out the purpose of these odd vocalisations. Read More >>

Zoo Opens Investigation After Seven Penguins Drown

Jamie Dorgan, the Director of Animal Care, said Thursday the Calgary Zoo is launching an investigation after seven Humboldt penguins drowned in a holding area, calling the deaths “devastating news.” Read More >>

Devon Penguins Wiped Out by Avian Malaria

The entire population of penguins -- 10 penguins -- at Exmoor Zoo has been wiped out, after an outbreak of avian malaria struck the birds and took out the lot of them. Read More >>

Watch This Penguin Waddle on a Treadmill in the Name of Science

Shoving a bunch of fat penguins on to treadmills to monitor how weight influences their funny walk sounds like a dream sequence from a strange a cartoon. But it’s actually a real scientific study that’s just been published. Read More >>

An Iceberg Collision is Responsible for the Near Destruction of a Penguin Colony

The population of a colony of Adélie penguins located in Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica has steeply fallen following the arrival of a massive iceberg, which has dramatically changed the local conditions favourable to the birds. Read More >>