Turns Out Even Neanderthals Used Painkillers

One of the best things about living in the future is the vast array of medical aids available to us, including a smorgasbord of painkiller choices when we've got a headache we're describing as a "migraine" so people feel more sorry for us. Read More >>

90-Year-Old Mould Sold for Almost £12k

The idea that a bit of gross mould would be worth $14,617 (£11,888.57) seems absurd until you realise it may be the most important mould to that was ever grown. Read More >>

US Doctors Used to Harvest Penicillin From Piss

Despite all the wonderful advancements in medical science, humanity does forget about a clever technique from time to time. Case in point: we used to recycle non-processed penicillin from patient's urine, and now we don't anymore. Read More >>