This Man’s Penis is Literally Turning Into a Bone

Doctors at a New York City hospital made an alarming discovery last week when a 63-year-old man went to the emergency room for knee pain. Read More >>

Penis Enlargement Surgery Is a Total Scam, Big Study Finds

In case there was any doubt – penis enlargement surgeries are usually ineffective and can leave men psychologically and physically damaged, according to a new study. Read More >>

Coventry Pothole Can’t Shaft Residents Thanks to One Giant Prick

If the council isn't going to give a fuck about the potholes, then someone else will. And that someone is decorating them with giant, spurting cocks. Read More >>

Is the Amazon Logo a Penis?

Amazon has been using its current logo for 18 years. The online retailer started using the logo in June 2000, shortly after it expanded beyond selling books. The logo shows the company’s name, with an arrow that points from the “A” to the “Z” in the name. Read More >>

Certain Penis-Dwelling Bacteria Might Increase Your HIV Risk

HIV transmission is a complex process with factors beyond just who you sleep with and how. The virus ultimately needs to find its way to the correct kinds of cells in order to wreak havoc. And some of the risk, at least for those with penises, may come from the kinds of bacteria on the tip. Read More >>

This is an Animal, Not a Penis

This is a peanut worm. It is an animal. Not a penis. But it looks like a penis. Read More >>

Unfortunate Australian Man Receives Second Spider Bite to the Penis

An Australian man who'd rather we didn't know his surname has suffered a spider bite to the penis, with the extraordinary revelation that this isn't the first time it's happened. It's as if he's putting his penis near spiders on purpose, wanting it to happen. Read More >>

Behold the First Erect Penis Ever Found Preserved in Amber

Researchers working in Burma have uncovered the fossilised remains of a 99-million-year-old male daddy longlegs with its penis fully extended and erect. It’s possibly the oldest — and longest held — erection in the history of science. Read More >>

Doctors Successfully Transplant Human Penis

A patient has happily "regained all functions" in his penis after having a new one transplanted on, following the removal of his original unit three years previously due to complications that arose from a botched circumcision. Read More >>

Thousands of Birds Flock Together to Create a Giant Penis in the Sky

What you're looking at are the beautifully flowing murmurations of starlings. Hundreds, often thousands, sometimes millions of birds fly together as a flock to create these fluid formations in the sky. They twist, they turn, they curve, they stiffen straight—they're awesome. And sometimes they make shapes that are amusing to the immature mind. Like the photo above, where thousands of starlings formed to create a penis. Clever birds. Read More >>

Sorry Guys, Science Says Penis Size Does Matter

No matter what you tell yourself -- that it's not the size the counts, it's what you do with it -- science has just proven that it's all bunk. The size of your male member does count, and in fact, it's as attractive to women as height. Read More >>

Sea Slug’s Detachable Penis Grows Back Again and Again After Sex

A penis would rank pretty high on any list of body parts you'd want to be able to grow back if lost. The more replacement penises the better. And for the first time, Japanese biologists have found an animal that can do just that. Read More >>

If You Have the Tiniest Penis in Denmark, You Will Get a Free iPhone 5

How far will you go to get a free iPhone 5? What about embarrassing yourself in front of your entire country claiming that you have the tiniest penis in your homeland? Read More >>

Smartphones Win Size Battle Against Human Penises

Gizmodo alumnus John Herrman's penis size is unknown, but I'm sure it's proportional to the size of his genius and this awesome chart proves it. Attenshun, people of the world with average genitals! Today is the day smartphones' screens became larger than your penis, thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Note II and its 5.5-inch HD super AMOLED screen. [Buzzfeed] Read More >>

The Exact Day Phones Will Be Bigger Than Your Penis

Noted penis-blogger John Herrman has dug up a deeply disturbing fact: At the rate we're going, mobile phone screens will outgrow the average human penis length before the end of the year. October 2nd, 2012. This is happening, people. Read More >>