Monopoly Kingpin Hasbro Buys the Peppa Pig Farm

The dreamers-up of the Peppa Pig phenomenon have cashed out in glorious style, taking home the bacon equivalent of £3.3bn for rights-owning company Entertainment One. Read More >>

Peppa Pig Shamed for Promoting Unhealthy Food to Kids

The commonplace sales tactic of whacking garish pink stuff off the telly onto crappy food stuffs for kids is being highlighted today, with researchers finding that Peppa Pig's face and the characters from whatever the hell Paw Patrol is are your guarantee that the food within has been machine-triple-processed using the finest piles of sugar and salt to the very lowest of nutritional standards. Read More >>

American Kids Develop English Accents Because of Peppa Pig

Britain has scored a rare cultural victory against the US with the news that a load of precocious American children have started sounding English because they watch too much Peppa Pig. Read More >>

Goodbye, Peppa Pig

My seven-year-old daughter has gotten into some straight-up terrible TV shows of late. While I’m glad one of them is a magical-girl show like Sailor Moon, which organically extends her genre palette, it’s absolutely awful. I long for simpler times — times when I’d watch Peppa Pig with her. Read More >>