Don’t Look Into This Robot’s Eyes While It Learns to Play the Ball-and-Cup Game

Japan’s popular Pepper robot can guess your mood, dress up in cute clothes and now, it can learn to play simple games. Read More >>

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IBM’s Watson Will Morph Polite Pepper Into an Ultra-Intelligent Evil Genius

Pepper is super cute and remarkably well-mannered... for now. But that IBM just announced that the talking, emotion-reading robot will interface with Watson, lil Pep could turn into a smiling, evil robotic mastermind; adorable leader of the human-enslaving resistance. Read More >>

Creepy, Beautiful, Helpful, Badass: Here Come Futuristic Robots From Japan

The four-day International Robot Exhibition just wrapped up in Japan over the weekend, and the wild machines introduced in Tokyo, one of the world’s biggest robot hubs, did not disappoint. The show attracted 450 companies and 5,000 non-robotic humans. Here’s a look at some of coolest from the show floor. Read More >>

Online Shop Sells Custom Clothes for Pepper the Robot

Pepper, the popular humanoid robot that reads your emotions, is being subjected to wearing silly outfits and hairstyles, like some sort of unsettling, automated, joke-telling Barbie. Read More >>

Sharp Will Sell This Mini Robot as a Smartphone. Would You Use It?

Earlier this year, we reported on Tomotaka Takahashi, the famous engineer who sent the first talking robot into space, and his plans to make robots as popular a consumer electronic as smartphones. He’d been teasing a humanoid phone to debut this year, and here it is: a cutesy, talking, limbed phone that hitches rides in your front pocket. Read More >>

Japanese Telecom Companies are Having a Robot Showdown

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) (Japan’s biggest network carrier) announced this week that it’s launching a service that lets a small, talking robot interact with other smart objects in your home. Read More >>

Pepper, the Robot That Reads Your Emotions, Will Be Sold to Consumers

Starting this weekend in Japan, people can buy a talking, person-shaped robot that reads your body language and gets sad when you turn off the lights. Read More >>

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How Salt and Pepper Became the Yin and Yang of Condiments

They're staples on every dining table and the requisite ingredients in virtually every European cuisine, so inseparable that polite society dictates they always be passed together. Salt and pepper are the undisputed champions of condiments—but how did they get so popular? And why those two spices specifically? Read More >>

Sony’s Xperia Sola Has “Floating Touch,” For When Touching the Screen Is Just Too Much Effort

Sony’s new phone line has been making waves – we quite liked the Xperia S, giving it four out of five stars in our review. Now we’ve got another entry, the Xperia Sola aka the Pepper, touting something called “floating touch” for “magic web browsing without touching the screen", because dragging your finger on glass is just so last year. Read More >>

The 2 Million SHU Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper Is the World’s Hottest

The Habanero pepper has a maximum hotness of 350,000 Scoville Heat Units. That's nothing — like eating a Polo — compared to the mouth-searing Trinidad Moruga Scorpion. It tops out at over two million SHU and has just been named the world's hottest pepper. Read More >>