Apple Says Poor Performance in Aging iPhones is Part of Delivering a Good User Experience 

After poor performance in older iPhones prompted an investigation by a number of Reddit users and additional testing by benchmark app maker Primate Labs, Apple has finally weighed in on the controversy surrounding its ageing handsets. The verdict? It seems the people were right. Read More >>

The iPhone 7 Plus May Have Got That RAM Boost After All

Unsurprisingly but still annoyingly, Apple decided not to talk about RAM at its Wednesday iPhone launch, instead choosing to focus purely on the new A10 Fusion processor. That led many of us to just assume that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus featured 2GB of the stuff -- the same as their predecessors. Read More >>

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Four Tricks to Make Your iPhone Faster

We’ve shown you quick tips for getting Windows, OS X, and Android running that little bit faster, and now it’s time to tackle the iPhone. If your iPhone is showing signs of sluggishness, here are a couple of quick fixes to put a spring back in its step. These tricks are fast, free, and easy to do. Read More >>

Three-Armed Cyborg Drummer Is the Killer Beat Machine of the Future

Seeking to “push the limits of what humans can do,” researchers at Georgia Tech have developed a wearable robotic limb that transforms drummers into three-armed cyborgs. Read More >>

HTC One M8 Relegated to Last Place as Benchmarking Nerd War Turns Nasty

HTC's claim that its gaming of the benchmarking system is actually a feature of the HTC One M8 has been laughed at by the makers of the 3Dmark tool, with the M8 accused of cheating and dumped to last place in the tables. Which, in the packed world of Android, means the HTC powerhouse is now around 1,000th position in the performance charts. Read More >>

HTC One M8 Benchmarks Inflated by Sneaky “High Performance Mode” Option

HTC has confessed that its new HTC One is able to detect benchmark testing tools and throw more resources at them, although rather than fudge the issue as Samsung did when it was rumbled pulling the same trick, HTC says this "High Performance Mode" is actually a feature. Read More >>

Why are Most Planes Painted White?

Here's a difficult question to answer without getting involved in a heated internet argument that eventually spills over into real-world violence -- why are big planes mostly white? Shouldn't Branson's Virgin fleet be red? Is there some sort of law? Does it help with visibility? Read More >>

If These Benchmarks Are Genuine, the iPhone 5 Will Blow Literally Everything Out of the Water

The iPhone 5 is out in the wild, well, under NDA in the hands of reviewers at least, but it's apparently made a quick appearance on Geekbench, just to test its mettle a little. It clocked up a score of 1,601, which totally annihilates the iPhone 4S with its puny 631 score, and even tops Android's best. Read More >>