Scientific Study: Victoria’s Secret Perfume Is Great Mosquito Repellent

A group of scientists wanted to find the most effective mosquito repellents. So they tested 10 different substances, including campout standbys like DEET, as well as a random choice: Victoria’s Secret perfume Bombshell. Turns out the perfume is almost as good as DEET. Read More >>

A Perfume That Smells Like Roses – But is Actually Made from Yeast

A rose is a rose is a rose, except when it's actually yeast. A company called Gingko BioWorks is partnering with French fragrance company Robertet to create a genetically modified yeast that makes the rose oil used in perfumes. Read More >>

Attention Everyone: Pizza Hut Perfume Is a Real Thing

Did you know there are pheromones in pizza? It's true. Anyone who has spent any time in uni knows this. And so does Pizza Hut, which just came out with Pizza Hut Perfume. Read More >>

I Wish James Bond’s Aftershave Smelled Like Burnt Rubber, Gun Fire, and Martinis

So you've got the watch, but what you really need to actually be James Bond is his aftershave. Think about it -- unless you smell like him, how are the ladies going to know you're really a licenced killer ultra-smooth super-spy under that IT bod's garb? Read More >>

MacBook Pro Perfume Project Makes Melbourne Artists Most Materialistic Men Ever

A team of three Melbourne-based artists win the award for Most Materialistic Consumers of Consumer Goods Ever, after working with a French fragrance lab to develop––I kid you not––Eau de MacBook Pro. Read More >>

Smell Like Sunday Morning Every Day With This Kebab-Scented Perfume

The cast of nightmarish TV show Geordie Shore were tasked with coming up with a type of perfume. They decided the delightful smell of the doner kebab would be the sort of thing ladies would like to stick behind their ears. Read More >>

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