SteelSeries’ Rival 3 Has Everything You Want From a £35 Gaming Mouse

Despite what some might think, PC gaming is thriving. Companies like Corsair are gobbling up smaller outfits in order to create massive gaming hardware empires, while streamers are getting signed to big money contracts across multiple platforms. However, as gaming has outgrown its basement-dwelling image, the price of gaming peripherals has started to climb as well. So what are you supposed to do if you just want a simple, inexpensive mouse for gaming (and everything else you do)? Read More >>

USB4 is Going to Revolutionise the USB Standard All Over Again: What You Need to Know

It’s that time again—another USB standard is upon us, ready to upgrade your device’s ports and cabling in the coming years. Here we’re going to explain everything you need to know about USB4, including the speed improvements in the pipeline and the new capabilities it’s going to borrow from Thunderbolt 3, which shares the same port shape but is a different and more demanding protocol that can piggyback on top of USB-C ports. Read More >>

Apple Finally Starts Selling the iMac Pro’s Sweet Space Grey Keyboard and Mouse

Sporting a 27-inch 5K display, up to an 18-Core CPU, and 128GB of RAM, there’s no doubt the iMac Pro is a pretty drool-worthy computer. But strangely, the coolest thing about the iMac Pro wasn’t the system itself—it was the space grey peripherals that came with it. Read More >>

Millions of Wireless Keyboards Can Let Hackers See What You’re Typing 

A newly discovered set of wireless keyboard vulnerabilities can let hachers take over your keyboard and secretly record what you type. It’s called KeySniffer, and it spells death for millions of wireless, radio-based keyboards. Read More >>

These Classic Macintosh Peripherals are Absolutely Bonkers

Vintage Computing has put together a collection of the most delightfully wacky peripherals from the classic Mac era. Here are our favourites. Read More >>

Apple Sexes up its Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse, and Brings Force Touch to the Trackpad

Apple has introduced a trio of new peripherals, which should help you bling up your grubby, coffee-stained desk. Tim Cook and co have pulled the wraps off the Apple Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Trackpad 2, though it’s the final piece that has us most excited. Read More >>

Logitech’s New Sofa Keyboard is Still One of The Best

About a year ago, I set out to find a keyboard that made using my desktop PC tolerable in the living room. I found the Logitech K400. It’s a small, inexpensive keyboard with comfortable keys, plenty of media centre buttons and — most importantly — a built-in touchpad. Logitech is now launching an update: the K400 Plus. It’s... different. Not better. Not worse. Read More >>

A Dongle That Connects Xbox One Gamepads to Your Windows PC

The Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver is one of the hidden gems of PC gaming: it lets you play loads of Windows PC games from you sofa with controllers you already own. Announced for an autumn release for $25 (UK pricing and availability TBC), a this neat dongle will let you do the same with your Xbox One gamepads, too! Read More >>

Today’s the Day You Can Pay for Steam Hardware

The Electronic Entertainment Expo begins in two weeks. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will do their damnest to sell you on PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii. But maybe, you’ll have already spent your money on an alternative of sorts. Today, you can pre-order the fabled Steam Controller, and the Steam Link streamer. Read More >>

New WD My Passport External Hard Drives Come With Cases to Match Your Outfit

Western Digital has updated its line of My Passport Ultra and My Passport for Mac portable hard drives. Kicking off in 500GB sizes and going up to 3TB, the drives are both Mac and PC compatible, featuring 256-bit AES hardware encryption and USB 3.0 connectivity. So far, so standard. Read More >>

Logitech MX Master Lighting Review: The Best Mouse Got Better

Roughly three million years ago, when I’d just started at Gizmodo, Logitech’s Performance Mouse MX won our Best Wireless Mouse Battlemodo. It was a triumph of ergonomics and it was a joy to use. Well, almost four years later, it’s received an update: the MX Master. Read More >>

Guitar Hero is Back This Autumn, and You’ll Only Need Three Fingers

“This is stupid,” I try to tell myself. “Weren’t music games just a fad?” For one long minute, I struggle to hit a single note on my plastic axe , as game developers and PR people fire eye-daggers into the back of my head. But then, all of a sudden, it clicks. I’m strumming up a storm. I’m playing the new Guitar Hero and it’s surprisingly good. Read More >>

apple watch
Even a Simple Non-Charging Apple Watch Stand is Bloody Expensive

With the Apple Watch now definitely coming to these shores on a particular date, we are officially on the precipice of an accessory volcano. And if Apple aren't charging us through the teeth for them, then third parties are happy to get in on the action. Read More >>