Users Looking for Child Pornography Are Gathering On Twitter’s Forgotten Video Service

As 2017 wheezes to its merciful end and the social media titans reckon with growing backlash, Twitter’s largely forgotten video streaming app Periscope has gained an insidious second life as a hub for seekers of child pornography. Gizmodo’s search of the platform over the course of a single afternoon uncovered dozens of accounts—50 in total—which appeared to be soliciting sexualized images of minors, or in the worst cases, depicting it themselves. Read More >>

Why the Hell Did It Take So Long for YouTube to Do Live Streaming for Mobile?

On Thursday, YouTube announced the launch mobile live streaming capabilities for select users, a service that will compete with Periscope and Facebook Live. Read More >>

Teen Dies by Suicide While Livestreaming on Periscope

A 19-year-old woman in Arpajon, France threw herself in front of a commuter train and died yesterday while livestreaming on Periscope. Officials in France are now investigating the incident. Read More >>

YouTube’s Building a Periscope Alternative Called Connect, According to Reports

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. That may be just what YouTube is doing, according to a new report from VentureBeat, which suggests the video company is building a Periscope competitor that will be called Connect. Read More >>

You Can Now Livestream Your GoPro Stunts Directly to Periscope 

DIY broadcasters of Periscope, rejoice! You are no longer limited to the crappy, low-resolution, front-facing camera on your phone. Following an update to the Periscope app today, you can now use a wide-angled, high-resolution GoPro Hero camera to broadcast live to the world. Read More >>

Periscope Feeds Now Play in Your Twitter Timeline

Despite Twitter owning Periscope, the service’s live feeds only ever showed up in timelines as links that you had to click through to. Now that’s changed, with Periscope feeds appearing and playing with Twitter itself. Read More >>

#DrummondPuddleWatch is a Strangely Fantastic Periscope Live Stream

Welcome to 2016. Thousands of people are currently sat in front of their computer screens, watching and discussing a Periscope live stream of other people trying to cross a big puddle in Newcastle. At the time of writing, over 19,000 are hooked. Join the club. It's far more entertaining than Celebrity Big Brother. Read More >>

Binge-Watching Periscope Sounds Like a Crushing Experience

Periscope, a live video streaming app for the more narcissistic Twitter users among us, is a dismal place. This fact is less obvious if you stumble across a video or two in your Twitter feed, but binge-watching it on Apple TV like some post-apocalyptic punishment. Wired’s Jason Tanz did just that. Read More >>

North Dakota Cops Are Periscoping Traffic Stops and It’s Not Going Well

Police in Fargo, North Dakota have started livestreaming traffic stops via Periscope in an experiment for all the world to see. And so far, it’s been an embarrassing failure. But the Fargo PD doesn’t see it that way. Read More >>

Periscope is Finally Allowing Video Replay on the Web

Periscope is finally allowing web-based replays of video that was streamed live, fixing a major pitfall of live-streaming. The service said in a Tweet that it will allow web users to watch replays in their browser for up to 24 hours after the broadcast. Previously, Periscope only allowed replays on Android and iOS apps. Read More >>

Periscope Now Has a Map View

Periscope now has a map view to help you find broadcasters based on location, which might make it easier to find content that you’re actually, y’know, interested in. Read More >>

British Museum to Give Livestreamed Tours Over Periscope

If you fancy taking in some culture this evening but you don't want to get your backside off the sofa, The British Museum has you covered. This evening at 6:30pm local time, the British Museum will be broadcasting a virtual tour of its exhibit Defining Beauty: The Body In Ancient Greek Art. Read More >>

Periscope Pops Up on Android

Periscope, Twitter’s popular live-streaming app and Meerkat slayer, has finally migrated to Android. Now you can snoop around on people’s lives in realtime on either one of the two largest mobile operating systems out there. Read More >>

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Where to Find the Best Live Streams on Meerkat and Periscope

Meerkat and Periscope are two apps with a similar purpose: to let you broadcast live video over the web for anyone who wants to tune in. But what if your circle of friends aren’t live streaming enthusiasts? Here’s how you can find some streams of note on both networks. Read More >>