Even Random Paint Splatters Can Be Valid Computer Code (If You’re Using Perl)

As technology becomes more central to our lives, kids are increasingly being steered towards careers in programming with things like toys that promote coding. Is there still room for the arts in a world run by apps, AI, and computers? It turns out there might be a closer connection between the two than you’d think, as a software engineer discovered that random paint splatters are actually valid Perl code in disguise. Read More >>

Shamed Reddit Perv Speaks to CNN About “Character” He Created

Michael Brutsch, who was outed as "jailbait" porn-obsessed Reddit mod Violentacrez last week and lost his job in the process, has spoken to US news network CNN about his Reddit use and whether he's sorry about it or not. Read More >>

Outed Reddit Perv Sacked and Now Advertising for Coder Work

Instead of laying low for a bit, maybe changing his name, growing a beard and moving house, hugely perverted Reddit superstar Violentacrez is now using the social site to advertise his skills as an available Perl coder. Read More >>