Researchers Have Built a System That Lets App Users Set Their Own Custom Permissions

One of the major problems with app permissions is that it's a completely binary system, you either accept the permissions or you don't download the app. This causes a lot of people to blindly accept permissions requests, so of course it wouldn't be surprising if the developers took advantage and and went a bit overboard *cough*Facebook Messenger*cough*. Now, Researchers at North Carolina University have created a third option. Read More >>

Upgraded Facebook Login Helps Keep Spam out of Your News Feed

Facebook announced last night a new and improved login experience that aims to make it faster and easier to sign in to your favourite apps. It doesn't look much different, but under the hood, there are a couple key changes. Read More >>

18 Per Cent of iPhone Apps Rifle Through Your Address Book Without Permission

Data compiled by security firm Bitdefender has cast some doubt over Apple's iOS security options, claiming that apps are routinely accessing contact details and even tracking users' whereabouts without permission. Read More >>