This Is What The Perseid Meteor Shower Looked Like Around the World

Looks like the logo for our 1950s film production company. Actually, it’s more complicated than that (even though we would still like to use it when we go back in time to take down Universal). Read More >>

A Fireball Over the Grand Canyon Makes Planet Earth Look Extraterrestrial

If you, like me, are a space nerd living in a city, then you can appreciate the struggle of finding clear skies to watch a meteor shower. But while I couldn’t make it out from under omnipresent light pollution umbrella last week, I got a taste of the Perseid meteor shower thanks to the brilliant work of astrophotographer Harun Mehmedinovic. Read More >>

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How to Watch the Exceptional Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight

Every year, the Perseids are a spectacular show. But this year, they’re something even more special than usual, and you shouldn’t miss it. Here’s how, when, and where to watch the Perseid meteor shower—and what you should be looking for when you do. Read More >>

The ISS Photobombed This Photographer’s Perseid Meteor Shower Shoot

Dutch photographer Albert Dros just wanted to capture some meteors against the Milky Way. Instead, he accidentally captured the ISS’s orbit around the Earth. Read More >>

Missing the Beautiful Perseid Meteor Shower Was Dumb of You

Look there were a lot of options. NASA streamed the shower with commentary, local astronomer associations were posting pictures, and there's always... what's that place? Oh right. Outside. You could have gone and watched. But no. It was a Saturday night and you were busy. Read More >>