Echo Location: Amazon’s Clever AI Assistant Goes on Sale in US

Remember Echo? The always-on, voice-controlled home hub that Amazon launched to great excitement seven months ago — and that Amazon would only allow you to buy if you were selected from interested Prime members? Read More >>

The Next Cortana Won’t Just be a Sexy Lady—You Can Also Choose a Guy

Why are our digital assistants submissive human women? It’s more than a little sexist, no? But soon, Microsoft’s Cortana will let you change her gender. There will be a male version too. Read More >>

Creepy Robot Takes the Form of Your Friends, Knows What You’re Thinking

Humans are the worst—there's no denying it. But isolating yourself from the rest of humanity doesn't exactly come with the best track record either. Now, though, you can get the best of both worlds thanks to SociBot-Mini, a depth-sensing, mood-reading, friends'-identity-stealing disembodied robot torso. Read More >>

Apple Just Bought (Another) Personal Assistant Maker

Looks like Siri might be getting an upgrade after Apple bought Cue, an app that makes personalized agendas based on scanning emails. TechCrunch's sources say that the purchase price was somewhere between $40 and $60 million, and that Apple plans to keep the company running. In other words, watch out Google Now. [TechCrunch] Read More >>