Apple’s Newest Luxury Product Is Privacy

Apple wants to sell you all kinds of new services: music, magazines, a TV show about the Russians landing on the Moon first. But with the announcement of iOS 13, it looks like the company is turning one of its classic features into a service all its own. Next-level privacy is about to be the best thing you get by paying the Apple tax. Read More >>

Uber to Pay Record £113 Million Fine for Concealing 2016 Data Breach

Uber will pay a $148 million (£113 million) fine as part of a settlement reached with state law enforcement officials over allegations it attempted to conceal a 2016 data breach affecting millions of its users, the company said. Read More >>

Apple Is Going to Let You Download All the Data it Collects About You

Today, Apple announced a new privacy website to help users better navigate just how much of their data is collected by the company. Read More >>

The Father of the World Wide Web Has Some Worries About His Baby

This past Saturday was the 28th anniversary of the day that Tim Berners-Lee submitted his proposal for what would become the World Wide Web. In honour of the occasion, he published a letter outlining the biggest areas of its development that are doing him a frighten and warping his original vision. Read More >>

University of Greenwich Cock-Up Posts Very Personal Student Details Online

The University of Greenwich could be hit with multi-million-pound fines after posting the extremely personal details of hundreds of its students online. Names, addresses, dates of birth, mobile phone numbers and signatures were all available through the university's website, and could be found through a Google search. Read More >>

Some Guy Bought the Data of 1.1 Million Facebook Users for Just $5

Bogomil Shopov, a Bulgarian blogger and digital rights activist, bought 1.1 million Facebook names, user IDs and e-mails for the ridiculously low price of $5 (around £3). Yes, for a price of a Subway footlong, Shopov was able to get his hands on your personal data from Facebook. What a deal! Read More >>