Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music or Tidal: Which Streaming Service is the Greatest Privacy Abuser?

The new Spotify Ts & Cs appear to be taking some real liberties, requesting access to all manner of areas of your phone. So that got us thinking -- how much personal data do the big names in music streaming demand and is there therefore a "best" one when it comes to not having details of our lives stored on a potentially hackable remote server somewhere? Read More >>

Wearable Drones a Possible Next Big Thing in Rich Idiot Tech Land

The future of drones is small and wearable according to one technological think-tank, which suggests we may soon be surrounded by an army of flying little friends to assist us in every facet of modern life. Read More >>

Barricade Yourself Against Facebook’s Invasions With Privacy Tools, Says Belgium

A Belgian security watchdog has suggested its countryfolk install additional layers of security on their computers if they must use Facebook, claiming the ubiquitous social network is "trampling" on European privacy rules in pursuit of masses of internet data. Read More >>

CD-Ripping Deemed Legal Now Everyone’s Binned Their Collections

The government's Intellectual Property Office has updated its guidelines on copyright rules, including, for the first time, a specific allowance that says making MP3 copies of CDs for your own personal use is not a crime. Read More >>