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Visualise the World by Imagining It With a Population of 100 People

Just take a step back and take a look at how big, small, unequal, inexplicable, and surprising the world is, explained in numerical terms that you can wrap your head around. Read More >>

Google’s Made an API for Identifying Troll Comments

Google's Counter Abuse Technology team and Jigsaw (part of Alphabet) are working on a way to identify and weed out angry manchildren in website comment sections. Read More >>

google glass
Google Glass, From the Perspective of a Glasshole

Every wondered what Google Glass looks like from the perspective of an actual user and outside of Google's glossy, posed promotional videos? That's what you get in this user review video, where a man in possession of the expensive voyeur peripheral sticks a camera up to the lens and gives us a wearer's-eye view of the action. Read More >>

The World Looks Very Weird from Below

My mind pretty much exploded inwardly when I saw these pictures from below. Created by Michael H. Rohde, the pictures show something you hardly see (if ever): the perspective of the ground. It's so unsettling that it feels like you've stepped into some sort of time space warp or saw a glitch in the world that you shouldn't have seen. Check it out. Read More >>

You’ll Never Believe This Was Made With Just WebKit

Wanna know who's got the most impressive web visuals we've seen in a while? It's a little site called, written by Steven Wittens. Just head over there and slowly scroll down. You're looking into the web future. Here's how they did it. [ via Joel Johnson] Read More >>