Mice Have Been Mooching off Humans For an Astounding 15,000 Years

The common house mouse is one of the most recognisable creatures on the planet, yet we know surprisingly little about the origins of this crafty rodent. New research shows that house mice first entered human settlements far earlier than previously thought — but they had to fight a rival species to maintain their status as one of humanity’s most reviled pests. Read More >>

Pigeons and Insects Are On the Menu at Rentokil’s Bizarre Pest Pop-Up Restaurant

Rentokil, the company best known for pest control (kill is in the name), is about to launch a one-day-only "Pestaurant" that'll serve things like sweet chilli pigeon burgers, wasabi weaver ants, BBQ grasshoppers, and chocolate dipped bugs, all free to anyone who wants 'em. Yuck. Read More >>

Humiliate Your Backyard Pests With This Giant Head Squirrel Feeder

There's no point to deliberately feeding squirrels since those suburban rats will raid bird feeders and anyplace else they can snag a meal. But if you absolutely must feed them, at least use this giant squirrel head feeder that will humiliate the bastards while they scrounge for supper. Read More >>