Amazon Launches Dog Food Brand Because It Hasn’t Disrupted Enough Industries Yet

On Amazon’s neverending quest to dominate every single retail category imaginable, the company has settled on its next frontier. According to Bloomberg, Amazon is getting into the pet business and is starting with its own line of dog food. Read More >>

Stop Feeding Your Pets Raw Meat

An emerging trend among pet owners is the practise of feeding dogs and cats raw meat. This idea is that we should put our domestic cats and dogs on diets that more closely approximate what they might eat in nature. New research from Europe shows the surprising degree to which germs and parasites can be found in commercial raw-meat products—posing potential health risks to both pets and their owners. Read More >>

This Lady is Eating Dog Food for a Month to Prove We Shouldn’t Feed Our Pets Crap

Unless you're Mad Max, roaming the Australian atomic wasteland of the future, it's pretty rank to be chowing down on Pedigree Chum. And we know all that, despite feeding it to our feline and canine buddies -- most pet food brands use the worst meat cuts going, and then there's the "ash content" in cat food, there apparently to prevent urinary infections...and not at all for cheap padding purposes... Read More >>