ces 2019
CES 2019: Smart Cat Treadmill Has Laser Lights To Make Lazy Moggies Run

We're always down for a bit of crazy cat tech, and Korean company Pet Ding have fulfilled the brief perfectly with their Little Cat smart treadmill. Read More >>

ces 2019
CES 2019: New Petcube Cameras Spoil Your Pets With Treats and Lasers

Great news for those of us who can't go for a pint without worrying about our fluffy friends at home: Petcube has announced new versions of its Bites and Play petcams. Read More >>

ces 2019
CES 2019: LavvieBot Automatic Litter Tray Wants To Be The New Litter Robot

Pet tech is huge business, particularly for the more popular categories of pet, like dogs and cats (there's not a lot of tech for us bird lovers yet, sadly). Read More >>

The Litter Robot is the Ultimate Tech for Cat-Owners – But It Comes At a Hefty Price

If you walk into my house at night, you'll see a strange object emitting a blue glow in the corner of the dining room. Off-white in colour and egg-shaped, you'd be forgiven for thinking that it's some kind of cryopod ripped from a futuristic ship capable of intergalactic travel. You'd be wrong. Its actual use is really much more mundane: it's my cats' litter box. Read More >>

A Carpet Cleaning Company Made A Wet Hoover For Dogs

If you know the name Bissell at all, it's probably from their range of carpet cleaners, hoovers and floor sweepers. In other words, they do things for floors. Read More >>