Mortal Engines Is a By-the-Numbers Dystopian Drama That’s Several Years Too Late

Much like the toasters, smartphones, and Minions statues that decorate the London Museum, Mortal Engines feels like the relic of a bygone era – a time when audiences cared about dystopian fiction, and “strong female characters” were little more than toughened blank slates. Mortal Engines might take place thousands of years in the future, but it’s a movie that’s stuck in the past. Read More >>

Peter Jackson Jazzes up WWI in 3D and Colour to Traumatise the Kids

Peter Jackson's about to release a film about the Great War, but it won't feature 10,000 CG soldiers rampaging across a CG France. It'll star the actual soldiers of the first world war, with archive footage restored, colourised and thrust through a 3D filter in order to give today's generation a small sense of what it was like to almost certainly get slaughtered in a wet trench 100 years ago. Read More >>

Topher Grace Made a 2-Hour Cut of The Hobbit Trilogy, and the World Deserves to See It

Actor Topher Grace, otherwise known as that guy who’s not playing Venom anymore, has an interesting hobby of editing down giant trilogies into single feature-length movies. His latest masterpiece is Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, so it looks like Warner Bros. has a new hashtag to contend with: #ReleaseTheGraceCut. Read More >>

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Show Can Use ‘Materials’ From the Movies, Whatever That Means

When Amazon spent $250 million to acquire the rights to make a Lord of the Rings show, we assumed it would be a completely new version of the J.R.R. Tolkien story as compared to the popular Peter Jackson film series. And yet, a new report has us wondering whether or not the two will be connected. Read More >>

Weird Peter Jackson Post Sparks New Doctor Who and Silmarillion Rumours

Is a weird, barely imaginable Doctor Who/Lord of the Rings mashup incoming? Probably not, but Peter Jackson’s got tongues wagging with a curious Facebook post this morning. He shared a video that suggests he’s in line to direct an episode of Doctor Who in the near future, though it may all just be a bit of geeky fun. Read More >>

Peter Jackson Has Rebuilt Bag End in His Basement

There are many signs that a person is an über nerd, but when it comes down to it there isn't much that can top recreating your fandom somewhere in your house. Now you can definitely count Peter Jackson as one of them, because he's gone and rebuilt Bilbo and Frodo Baggins' home in his basement. Read More >>

The Hobbit Comes With an FAQ Explaining Why It’ll Look So Weird

Not every theatre will be showing Peter Jackson's The Hobbit in its native 48 frames-per-second. But for those that will, Warner Bros. has created this handy FAQ that explains why the HFR 3D (high frame rate) technology could make the film look like a TV soap opera. Read More >>

Stupid Hobbit Money Now Legal Tender in New Zealand

Authorities in New Zealand are doing everything they possibly can to cash-in on the publicity the region's about to get thanks to providing the backdrop to Peter Jackson's latest Tolkien production, going so far as minting a range of gold and silver coins starring characters from the series. Read More >>

The Hobbit Will Be Made Into Three Films as Peter Jackson Milks the Cash Cow Even More

Well, here's a bit of blatant money grubbing. Peter Jackson's announced that The Hobbit will be extended into a trilogy. That's just one book, spread into three separate films. By that maths, surely the Lord of the Rings should have been nine films? Read More >>

Will The Hobbit Look Like a ’70s Soap Opera at 48 FPS?

It seems Peter Jackson's upcoming film, The Hobbit, is causing a stir among those CinemaCon goers who have been treated to a 10 minute preview screening of the film. And it's not a joyful stir. Viewers complained that the movie looked too real, that it had that look of low-budget television. Yikes. Read More >>

Man Builds Man-Sized Hobbit House for £3,000

Simon Dale was fed up. He'd had enough of what he calls "mass produced box design" homes so he did something about it — he moved his family to the Welsh countryside and hand-built a "Hobbit house" even Peter Jackson would envy. Read More >>

Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit Is the Only 3D Film I’m Excited About

Jackson is currently hard at work shooting The Hobbit in 3D. But instead of using the bulky 3D rigs commonly associated with 3D movie films. Jackson is using RED EPIC cameras and mirrors to keep the cameras mobile. Read More >>

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The Brand New TinTin Trailer Looks Better Every Time I Watch It

Nope. No uncanny valley here—we see a few shots of actual, humanoid talking. No dead doll faces. Just pure bloody brilliant action. Did you see that motorcycle?! Well, Mr. Spielberg. I'm officially watching this. [MSN UK via /Film] Read More >>