game of thrones
Game of Thrones Petition to Remake Season 8 Reaches a Million Signatures

To say that the final season of Game of Thrones has been, uh, divisive is putting it mildly, and the likelihood that its finale on Sunday will manage to appease its fans has seemingly decreased with each additional episode. Now, a petition to remake the series’ eighth season “with competent writers” has surpassed a million signatures and was closing in on 1.1 million as of Sunday afternoon. Read More >>

The Movement to Break Up Facebook Has Begun

Privacy and anti-monopoly advocacy groups launched the Freedom from Facebook campaign on Monday, demanding that the Federal Trade Commission force the social media giant to break up into four separate companies. Sensing a moment of weakness, activists hope to establish stronger privacy protections and cross-platform communication. Read More >>

Japanese Architects are Uniting to Stop Tokyo’s Heinous Olympic Stadium

We knew that a cadre of famed Japanese architects were... unhappy with Zaha Hadid's design for the 2020 Olympic Stadium in Tokyo. But we didn't quite realise how pissed they really are: A petition to stop the project, started by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Tokyo Ito, already has nearly 14,000 signatures. Read More >>

500 Leading Authors (and Bjork) Sign Open Letter to US Government Condemning Surveillance

Five Nobel Prize winners and well over 500 of the planet's most renowned authors have signed a letter to Barack Obama, suggesting he have a word with his people and stop tracking the mundane conversations of the planet for a laugh. They also ask the UN to create a bill that'd protect digital rights. But would the NSA stick to any rules? [A Stand via Guardian] Read More >>

This Petition Banning Gratuitous (and False) Over-Use of ‘Unlimited’ by Companies is Actually Worth Signing

The beauty of living in a democracy is that, in theory, we can make those head-bashingly stupid ads for "unlimited data* *fair usage policy of one GIF per day" illegal. All you have to do is sign one little petition over on Go on, you know you want to. Read More >>

Turing For the Next Tenner

Alan Turing was a genius. So much so that there's a campaign to get him immortalised in a unique way -- by having his head emblazoned on our next £10 note. Read More >>