Tens Of Thousands Sign Petition To Let Snoop Dogg Adopt Abandoned Dog

Remember the dog who was heartlessly abandoned by the side of the road in Stoke-On-Trent in December? The one who ran pitifully after his owner's car, trying to get back in as the scumbag accelerated and drove away, leaving the dog to fend for itself with just its bed on the pavement for company? Read More >>

Enforced Hugs Are Bad For Business, Finds Ted Baker

Retail chain Ted Baker's shares have fallen to a three-year low after accusations of enforced hugging by founder Ray Kelvin went public last week. Read More >>

Thousands of People Have Signed a Petition Asking for Fireworks Displays to be Banned

We're at that time of year where it becomes a quite difficult to identify that explosive bang coming from down the street. Was it a gun, or simple fireworks? You never can tell. Well if some people get their way it might be a little different in future, because one petition is asking public fireworks displays be banned. Read More >>

I Accidentally Started the London Independence Movement with an Online Brexit Petition (Then Things Went Crazy)

The last week has been rather strange. Not just in world affairs or domestic politics, but for me personally. I have accidentally founded an independence movement, and attracted the attention of the world’s media. Read More >>

We Should Pay “Up To” the Cost For an “Up To” Internet Service

Here's a genius idea. Since we're getting an "up to" service for our internet connections, how about the ISPs start letting us pay "up to" the amount they actually want for them? Read More >>