Fill Your Home With the Stench of a Garage With This New Petrol-Scented Fragrance Oil

If you love winding down your window to breathe in the heady aroma of gasoline, you'll be thrilled to know you can bring the smell home, with none of the flammability. Read More >>

Government Pressured to Further Cut Our Petrol With Ethanol

A group of MPs who get together to push the case for the British bioethanol industry over a nice glass or two of ethanol is asking the government to double the amount of the product that's mixed into our fuel, as both a short-term quick-fix to reduce carbon the output of our transport system and to protect thousands of jobs. Read More >>

Jamie Oliver Starts Selling Sandwiches in Petrol Stations

Petrol titan Shell has teamed up with irritating but well meaning food enthusiast Jamie Oliver, in an attempt to get marginally more enjoyable sandwiches into the UK's network of petrol stations. One lucky punter might get a sandwich that Jamie has prepared himself, although they're probably all made in the same industrial park as the rest of them. Read More >>

Top Cop Says Bill People in Advance for Petrol to Reduce Thefts

The police forces of the UK are tired of racing to the rescue of garage forecourt staff phoning to report that someone drove off without paying for their fuel again, as this is wasting precious investigative time officers could instead spend intervening in a Facebook argument about parking outside a school. Hence a man has an idea. Read More >>

BP Buys 6,500 Electric Car Charging Points

Some people within petrochemical giant BP are looking to a time when they stop selling drilled out oil for a living and shift electricity at the forecourts instead, as it's paid an unspecified amount of money to buy UK electric car charging network Chargemaster. Read More >>

Boffin Says Petrol Cars Will be Dead by 2025

An economist is telling everyone to sell their BP shares in a roundabout way, by warning that the switch to electric cars could be so swift that current petrol and diesel models could all be on the scrap heap within eight years. Read More >>

Petrol Prices at 18-Month High as Global Cuts Kick in

Visiting family is about to get slightly more depressing per mile, as the price of petrol and diesel in the UK has risen to highs not seen since lots of famous people you liked were still alive. Read More >>

Morrisons Has Gone There and Cut Petrol to 99p a Litre

It's war on the forecourts, with supermarket giant Morrisons the first to fire a salvo of pork pies and bottles of Lucozade at its rivals by cutting the headline price of petrol to 99p a litre. Read More >>

Christmas Booze Cheaper Than Ever as Petrol Could Drop Below £1 per Litre

The RAC is suggesting you hold off on filling up your people carrier or 1998 Corsa until as near to Christmas as possible, as the latest collapse in the price of crude oil on the financial markets should see a new push down on forecourt prices in late December and into the new year. Read More >>

Super-Cheap Fuel from Asda is Your “Petrol Pumping Party” Deal of the Day

Why walk anywhere when you can drive? That's evolution in action right there. Stupid animals walking everywhere with their stupid legs. We're better than animals. We have things with engines in that we can run over animals with. Read More >>

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Gene Pool Nearly Enhanced as Smoking Petrol Thief Sets Himself on Fire

A man supposedly stealing petrol from cars while smoking has, you guessed it, set himself on fire, with the fireball also torching several parked cars. It's hard to tell exactly what's happening in the CCTV clip, but local news stations in Australia claim the man was found burned, busted by police and charged with arson. [YouTube via Metro] Read More >>

What Happens When You Soak a Negative In Petrol and Set It on Fire

You might be surprised to learn that the photographs in Peter Hoffman's "Fox River Derivatives" series got their ethereal, psychedelic beauty from a fairly violent source. Those effluent purple bubbles are the result of a negative that's been doused in petrol and set ablaze. Read More >>

Coal-Charged Electric Cars Might be Worse For the Planet than Petrol Guzzlers

The public's apathy for electric vehicles might turn out to be a good thing if research from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology is to be believed, with the thinkers claiming that charging chemical car batteries using electricity from coal-fired power stations generates more pollution than building and running regular petrol engine models. Read More >>

When All Our Cars Are Electric, This Is How Pumps Should Be Used

The dawn of electric motoring is taking a little longer to gain traction than many hoped. But when it does, this is how we should be using the old pumps: repurposed as dog houses, amplifiers, bookshelves and coffee machines. Read More >>