Peugeot Fully Electrifies the Next Generation 208

Peugeot has revealed a lovely new jazz-up of its boring old lady shop mobile 208 series, with the new model range topped by a full EV option that's the most powerful of the lot. Read More >>

Peugeot Just Agreed To Buy Vauxhall

PSA Group, the French firm behind Peugeot and Citroen, has agreed to pay just under £2bn for the European arm of General Motors, which includes German marque Opel and beleaguered British brand Vauxhall. This makes them one of the biggest carmakers in Europe, behind only Volkswagen. Read More >>

This Batshit Sports Car Was 3D Printed From Laser-Melted Metal

The hype around consumer 3D printers has mostly died down, but that hasn’t stopped the startup Divergent3D from barrelling full steam ahead in the industrial printing world. The company debuted the first 3D-printed supercar—the Blade–two years ago and has since continued developing its printing methods. Now, it’s working with major industry players like Peugeot and SLM Solutions to use its printing methods at mass scale. Read More >>

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The Miracle Stick That Makes Wine Taste Better in Seconds

The tricky thing about wine—especially the fancy stuff—is that since it gets better with age, what you buy off the shelf isn't necessarily always at its peak. A few seconds with the Clef du Vin, though, will age it to perfection. And, if you're not careful, all the way around to bad again. Read More >>

Watch a Chunk of Lava Stone Get Grafted Onto a Carbon Fibre Bench

The making-of video for Peugeot Design Lab's latest project contains no words—it doesn't need any, since it shows every step of the process: from blasting a huge chunk of volcanic stone from its resting place to crafting a piece of carbon fibre to perfectly fit the rock's jagged profile. The resulting bench looks like like something that might've emerged from the sand in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Read More >>

This Brilliant, Punchable Car Ad Comes With a Tiny Working Airbag

As printed media becomes more and more irrelevant, advertisers have had to devise clever ways to grab a magazine reader's attention. And to promote the safety features of its vehicles, Peugeot ran this brilliant ad that simulates what would happen in a head-on collision. Read More >>